Fantastic instructor! Having the communication devices in the helmet and receiving training as you’re riding is brilliant. I highly recommend Class: M1 to anybody that needs a little extra help or a lot of extra help as I did.
-Sandy B.

After taking a group course, I sought out Class: M1 Private Training for additional instruction. Steve was a patient and helpful teacher. His headset system was helpful. Thanks, Steve!
-Bin K.

The smiling faces you see on the photos are 100% genuine. I left the class feeling a lot more comfortable on a bike and I will forever be thankful.
-Angel B.

It’s worth every single penny and if I could give it more than 5 stars I would! My trainer was absolutely kind and patient and worked with me at my own pace to ensure I nail down the concepts of riding and made it so I felt comfortable on the bike. Highly recommend to anyone!
-Anika S.

A great one on one personalized motorcycle course and training that gets you specifically ready to complete and pass your motorcycle license test. Steve is a patient and knowledgeable instructor that is willing and available with his time and expertise to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Extremely appreciative.
-Brian M.

Don’t hesitate. Class: M1 “IS” the choice. This training is essential for new riders, anyone who’s ridden without training, or anyone looking to build upon their existing skillset. The one-on-one format shortens your learning curve. Your confidence and command of your riding ability will increase dramatically. Very patient, highly organized, well-prepared and safety-minded. Couldn’t provide a stronger recommendation.
-Jason M.

Steve was an amazing instructor and I’d recommend taking his 1:1 class. I had no prior experience riding motorcycles and by the end of my class, I felt very confident. I’d recommend this class for anyone just starting out or looking for a refresher.
-Clara D.

It was useful and helpful to enhance my skills. Highly recommended! Gives you full details you may need.
-Mohammad O.

Class: M1 is the best! Can’t recommend these guys enough!
-Franklin D.

Had a great learning experience. Steve is a great instructor and I learned the basics on how to ride. He’s a great resource and always very helpful. Many thanks!
-Christina R.

I thought I knew all there was to know about riding; I was wrong. Steve pretty much retaught me how to ride, and I could see how much I’d improved even after just one class. I’m a better, safer, and more versatile rider thanks to Class: M1. And now I’m officially licensed! Thanks, Steve!
-Joey G.

Went from never being on a bike to riding in less than 20 mins. Steve was an amazing instructor, couldn’t have asked for better. If you are considering riding or just want a day of fun, this IS what you are looking for. Thank you, thank you and thank you.
-Hilary W.

Couldn’t be happier with my choice of going with Class: M1. Steve is super professional, trustworthy and above all else, a fantastic instructor. Would recommend them to anyone who’s on the fence.
-Taylor K.

Steve was amazing!!! He made the learning process very processable, comfortable and with patience. I gained confidence quickly, especially given I had never rode a motorcycle. I would recommend Steve to any new rider or anybody wanting to sharpen their skills.
-Anthony H.

Steve is an awesome trainer and all-round dude who takes motorcycle training seriously! He custom made a training for me to refine my riding skills and knowledge, and had me comfortable on my bike within one day. I definitely recommend going with his private training whatever your skill level. He will teach all you need to know, and you’ll have fun during the process.
-Jake S.

Steve is the best. He was not just wonderful to teach me how to master the test in an hour but also raised my confidence to actually attempt and pass the test like a pro. Ever grateful.
-Eveeta B.

I highly recommend this Motorcycle Training. Not only is Steve highly qualified and knowledgeable, he’s also calm cool and collected. I have my license but hadn’t ridden in years and wanted to refresh my skills and confidence which is exactly what I did while working with Steve. Professional and excellent training!!!!!!
-Suzette S.

Excellent training!! I am 59 years old and thought It would be difficult to learn how to ride a motorcycle. With Steve’s patience and clear explanations I was up and running in 2 hours and feeling safe. Steve made me feel completely comfortable on the bike and had a fun time in the process. High marks for this course.
-Ezra K.

I should start out by saying that I have not owned a motorcycle in 30+ years. Thinking that I could just jump back on a bike and feel confident was a sobering experience. In comes Class: M1. My first session with Steve revealed things I had never thought about, I just always jumped on and rode. He patiently explained the physics behind the required knowledge needed to be in control with very easy explanation. Do yourself a favor, take some training from Class: M1, your life may depend on it.
-Harry H.

Class: M1 put together a quick and simple program to get me acclimated to the DMV test. Worked perfectly and I passed in hours instead of spending days on normal course.
-Wayne J.

While I was shopping/looking for a motorcycle I asked the salesman about taking a refresher course. He recommended Class: M1 and gave me their card. I couldn’t have been happier! Not once did I feel like I was “on the clock”. If you are a new rider or just want to hone you street skills I definitely recommend contacting Class: M1. You won’t be disappointed.
-Trey B.

I’m glad I found these guys. I took the intro course with Steve thinking there is no way I could learn how to ride a motorcycle in two hours, but I was wrong! Steve was a great instructor and I actually learned the basics of riding, and by the end of the class I was doing figure 8’s in the parking lot. I feel more confident now and look forward to taking more lessons from Class: M1.
-Brian Y.

Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training is by far the best instruction any rider can have. Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned rider, there is so much to learn. Steve, the lead instructor, is a practiced, professional, and seasoned rider. Steve’s wide range of knowledge is imparted to the student in a patient, easy to understand manner, so the manner of training is effective in both the theoretical, and also in the practicum. It is best to learn from those who have mastered the science, and before you waste time on schools taught by less than experienced individuals, save yourself time, and energy, and frustration. Learn from the best, Class: M1 Motorcycle Training!
-Ally C.

Steve is a FANTASTIC instructor. Very patient and thorough, highly recommended! Thanks Steve!
-Thomas F.

The best teacher you can ask for. Goes over everything and explains it perfectly. Highly recommend!
-Anthony G.

Great place to go for an introduction to motorcycling. I had a blast and felt comfortable from the get go. The one on one instruction was very valuable for preparing me to take a licensing course with many other people. Without this starter lesson I don’t think I would have been as confident or prepared for taking that course. So thankful!
-Brittany A.

I highly recommend Steve’s class. He’s a great instructor. He’s friendly, kind and clear. I felt like I was in great hands every moment and I learned a ton. I also opted for the driver’s test assistance and it was well worth it. Wouldn’t have passed without him. Wouldn’t feel as good or confident on a bike without him.
-Daniel M.

Great instructors, nice and clean bikes to ride overall great experience and I will be taking an advance course from them!
-Christopher G.

Got this class for my birthday. Been dying to do it. Can honestly say Steve was born to teach. Fantastic teacher, and just a great guy. We had fun all day while learning all the details at the same time. I am going to continue with him and hopefully he will help be my bike Sherpa for years to come. An amazing experience.
-Alex B.

Steve was SUPER helpful, patient, and supportive! He helped me relearn the basics in better ways for me to understand it. Having him work with me one on one and getting personal pointers were super helpful. Even helping me look for my own bike for after I get my license. They got your back! Thanks again for all the help!
-Dasan G.

I had so much fun, during this 1 on 1. Before spending $ on a state group class, consider this class first. Nothing is better than a head set, and a great teacher with patience and so many years under his belt. And knowledge. Will refer to my friends. I hope to take on more transitional classes. One should never stop learning!
-Victor R.

Steve is awesome! The private class was convenient for my busy schedule and just what I needed. Steve is very knowledgeable, patient and safe. He’s also fun! I used the concierge service which provided a bike on the day of the driving test, and passed on my first try. Thanks Steve!
-Ben B.

Steve is the man. Incremental and Comprehensive class. Totally recommend. Beautiful 650cc bike to ride on, just what I needed after completing the group class.
-Mathew M.

The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and covered an extensive amount of information at just the right pace. If you’re looking for one on one training from professionals with an obvious passion for what they do, then you should definitely give Class: M1 a call.
-Veronica E.

This is a science and Steve is the scientist. I have been a dirt rider only and had fears of the street, but no more! Spent the better part of this nice day learning the entire fundamentals of the machine and all elements of riding. This exceeded all expectations. Very informative and very clear. I was extremely happy at the end of the course. I recommend Class: M1 all day long.
-Joshua O.

I would give it more stars if I could. I found Class: M1 and had a four hour class with Steve. He is so relaxed and calm I didn’t realize I was actually getting used to driving and turning and stopping. I was so nervous before but now really enjoy riding my little Vespa around and cannot recommend Class: M1 enough. I completely think his calm demeanor got me to relax and enjoy riding. I hardly ever write reviews but this class helped me so much! Thank you Steve!
-Deirdre L.

Steve is the man!! I came to him to gain confidence and skills to be a better, safer rider. That is exactly what happened. I left the range with knowledge of my bike and confidence to tackle the open road. I would recommend this course to any new rider to become totally acquainted with their machine.
-Brian M.

Had a great time during the class with Steve. In between very informative explanation and on-the-bike training, he helped recommend some bikes and stores that I should look into for the type of bike I had in mind. Very safety focused, a nice big private practice space, everything was very comfortable.
-Evan D.

If you’re looking for a motorcycle beginners course I would recommend this one. Steve is a great teacher and was patient with me. He talked me through it and showed me how to do it and also answered all my questions I had regarding safety & what bike would be best for me. Thanks for the great class! I appreciate everything you did for me to gain confidence in riding a motorcycle.
-Mike R.

I had such an amazing time with Steve. Being a small frame guy I was always worried/nervous/scared about riding a heavy motorcycle. But Steve helped me build confidence & trust while riding. He made the lessons very digestible and always went at my pace. We spent more time on things I needed help with, while moving along with things I was better at to maximize my session. This is just something you only get with a 1 on 1 class. This should be every new riders first stop before they hit the open road.
-Dennis B.

Thanks to Steve, I am now a regular motorcycle rider. He helped me learn to ride from scratch, walked me through the process to buy a bike, giving me suggestions and advice as I endlessly peppered him with questions, and taught me everything I know. Thanks to him, I truly feel safe on the road and use everything he taught me on a weekly basis. Safety is paramount to me, and Steve made me feel confident on a bike. I took the CHP course following Steve’s instruction and have to say it was incomparable to his hands on instruction and care. Steve’s course was so great I gifted a class to a friend. Thank you for making me a rockstar rider!
-Tyler G.

“Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Riding,” is what this course should be called. Steve is the master to us grasshoppers. Earlier in the year, I had taken another motorcycle safety class, which was fine for the basics and got this gal her M1 license. As life would have it, I was in an accident (NOT motorcyle-related) that had me off my sweet Guzzi for six months. That sweet girl sat outside my window taunting me. I was afraid to get back on. I signed up for a 5-hour refresher, and he got me right back on, learning SO very much more than I had ever known. I’m not kidding, he really is the zen-master of motorcycle instructors. I highly, HIGHLY recommend him!
-Deirdre And Terry S.

It was such a good experience…lots of patience and clear explanations. Steve is a great coach and the in-helmet mics are such a help. Great all around confidence building experience!!
-Pat W.

I can’t recommend Class: M1 enough! Steve is a fantastic instructor and made what I was honestly dreading a really fun and rewarding experience! He’s a great instructor! So patient and calm and does a great job at helping you build confidence on the bike! Steve was prompt at returning my initial call and communication with him was so easy. He provided all the gear we needed for the class and spent time with us after our class making recommendations on places to look for a scooter and the type of gear we should get. He’ll be the first person we call in the future when we are looking to improve our skills.
-Alison K.

A couple of days ago I had the motorcycle skills test. I passed on the first try. This is because of Steve and his easy-to-control motorcycle. He knows everything about how to ride and how to pass the test easy. Thank you so much Steve!
-Alexandr K.

I absolutely would not have passed the M1 riding test at the DMV if it wasn’t for Steve’s help. I own a Harley and ride it quite a bit and I still wouldn’t have passed without Steve’s help and the motorcycle he provided. Money well spent, highly recommended.
-John P.

Steve was an amazing teacher. He guides you through everything step by step until eventually you are riding. It’s amazing as you progress to the next step, everything that seemed difficult before that, turns easy. Steve is patient and goes at your pace. The one on one training is great because you can trouble shoot any issues that you are having difficulty with. Amazing class!!
-Kevin S.

Very professional and very organized and make you to feel comfortable. I highly recommend to everybody that wants to learn some skills on the motorcycle to come to work with Class: M1!
-Dolev E.

Steve is the BEST! The training was at my pace and I always felt comfortable. The personalized, Bluetooth instruction helps you fix what you’re doing wrong as soon as you’re doing it. Steve is the perfect instructor, friendly and never made me feel nervous or inadequate. He will tailor the training to what you want to work on and your skill level as a rider. Move over, Motorman!
-Linda P.

I recently completed a state course, got my license, and purchased my first motorcycle. I wanted to get some additional training with the bike, so I took a five hour transition course with Steve (owner of Class: M1). The drills on a range are always useful, but I found the communication on the road to be invaluable. Bonus: Steve is an excellent instructor, easy going, and very knowledgeable about area motorcycle services. I wouldn’t hesitate to get more training from Class: M1 in the future or recommend to friends of all skill levels.
-Mike R.

Steve is a great teacher. I have taken three courses with him now, and he is very patient and knowledgeable. I had a hard time passing the exercises for the state course, and asked him to help me master those exercises. I went back for my state course the following weekend and went through all the exercises in a breeze. I don’t know if I would have been able to pass without Steve’s expertise and knowledge, in addition to his real world riding tips. I highly recommend Class: M1, it is well worth every dollar. I took several other courses with other instructors, and none of them taught me a fraction of what I learned from Steve. Thank you for helping me get my M1 license, Steve!!!
-Rod A.

This is as good as a motorcycle class can get. Steve is extremely patient and encouraging. I had no idea how to ride a motorcycle and within 5 hours I learned the basics!!
-Lea W.

Got to work with Steve for an hour before my DMV test. He knew exactly what the DMV testers would require and was very patient while I practiced the various skills routines. Steve was exactly the sort of calming teacher everyone could use right before a test.
-Robert A.

Steve is awesome! I had taken a riding course in a group setting and was really discouraged and kinda of thought riding wasn’t for me. I’m not a terribly coordinated person. I also discovered that I don’t learn well in a group environment and I couldn’t get constructive corrections that I needed. I really really want to ride with my dad someday. So I called Class: M1. I am super happy that I did. In a couple of hours with Steve and his Zen like calming manner, Bluetooth helmet instruction, and encouraging high fives, I was able to make it through the things I didn’t understand from the other class I took. Not once did I feel talked down to but only felt encouragement and good vibes. If you want to ride…Steve is your guy. Can’t wait to do the transition training with him.
-Jolene R.

I recommend giving Class: M1 a call. Steve is a great guy! He’s very adjusting and an overall great personality. Did a 5 hour course with me and got me to learn all the important stuff when it comes to riding! Thanks once again Steve!
-Zoheb H.

Friendly instruction with no pretense. It was good for folks looking for a friendly intro or getting back into riding where safety is the top concern.
-Peter K.

It had been a lifelong dream to begin riding. I took the state class years ago, but at the completion of the class, I didn’t feel anywhere near comfortable buying a motorcycle and getting on the open road, so I called Class: M1. Steve patiently guided me through my search for a first bike. Most importantly, he provided additional training on a private range and gradually transitioned me out to the open road over the course of the day. The training was tailored to my needs and created a foundation for me to safely build on going forward. The type of service and coaching offered by Class: M1 is a rarity this day and age. To this day, each time I get on my bike I hear Steve’s voice coaching me through each step. I encourage each of you to engage Steve and Class: M1 – a simple review doesn’t adequately convey the value he creates.
-Ryan C.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than the one I had with Class: M1. I had never rode a motorcycle in my life (and I’m pretty old). Steve was very accommodating, gave me good recommendations for purchasing gear, and he’s a nice guy and good company. It was a great experience, and when I’m ready to do some more challenging riding I will definitely return.
-Ron N.

Excellent training. Steve knows motorcycles and the road, and gave me an excellent foundation to set me on course to becoming a proficient and safe rider. He’ll set your pace based on skill level and will only push you enough to make you improve, but will make sure you don’t exceed your riding ability and take it step by step. Highly recommended.
-Alexander A.

Riding a motorcycle is truly exhilarating, there’s nothing else like it! But proper training is critical. There are quite a few “group” motorcycle classes around, but I felt I needed quality one-on-one instruction. Luckily, I came across a recommendation for Class: M1. Steve exhibited an uncanny ability to identify weak areas and focus on improving bad habits. He did all this in a friendly, patient, compassionate manner. After just that first session, I felt so much more confident! I really had a great time. When the time came to buy a motorcycle, Steve not only shared my enthusiasm, but gave me incredibly valuable advice during the selection process. We immediately had a transition session during which he got me up to speed, comfortable and safe with my new purchase. I cannot recommend Class: M1 more enthusiastically. As far as I’m concerned, there is no better instruction for the beginner or returning motorcyclist available!
-Louis F.

Thank you for making my experience fun and safe. I know everything I learned will be invaluable to me as I continue to develop. I hope you know how much the mentorship and guidance you share mean to a novice rider like me. Your joy in riding is an inspiration!
-Karen S.

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