Congrats, Corey!

Congrats, Mia!

Congrats, Paul!

Congrats, Dennis!

Andrew got ready to ride for his first leading role in a major film. Congrats!

Congrats, Jonathan!

Congrats, Jessie!

Congrats, Desiree!

Congrats, Tyler!

Congrats, John!

Congrats, Joe!

Congrats, Dorika!

Congrats, Steve!

Congrats, Geetesh!

Congrats, William!

Congrats, Matt!

Congrats, Nicole!

Congrats, Derek!

Congrats, Devon!

Congrats, Max!

Congrats, Deandre!

Congrats, Phaedra and Elijah!

Congrats, Ruth!

Congrats, John!

Congrats, Joe!

Congrats, Patrick!

Congrats, Travis!

Congrats, Brian!

Congrats, Josh!

Congrats, Sevastian!

Congrats, Martin!

Congrats, Marianne!

Congrats, Cristina!

Congrats, Jonathan!

Congrats, Martin!

Congrats, Hannah!

Congrats, Vick!

Congrats, Damian!

Congrats, James!

Congrats, Jorge!

Congrats, George!

Congrats, Pardis!

Congrats, Sam!

Congrats, Tristan!

Congrats, Harris!

Congrats, Jackson!

Congrats, Henry!

Congrats, Nathan!

Congrats, Luke!

Congrats, Hugo!

Congrats, Jodi!

Congrats, Victor!

Congrats, Andrew!

Congrats, Andrew!

Congrats, Drew!

Congrats, Allison!

Congrats, Kristie!

Congrats, Jorge!

Congrats, Brian!

Congrats, Jossy!

Congrats, Leland and Leesa!

Congrats, Sarah!

Congrats, Emmanuel!

Congrats, Mariela!

Congrats, Ashia!

Congrats, Timothy!

Congrats, Tamra!

Congrats, Daniel!

Congrats, Rachael!

Congrats, Derrick!

Congrats, Shelye!

Congrats, Sarah!

Congrats, Maddie!

Congrats, Butch!

Congrats, Lee!

Congrats, Ryan!

Congrats, Naomi!

Congrats, Marissa!

Congrats, Doug!

Congrats, Bek and Yes!

Congrats, Heather!

Congrats, Stacia!

Congrats, Sarunas!

Congrats, Josh and Gavin!

Congrats, Andrew!

Congrats, Lacey!

Congrats, Artem–the first client at our newest training range in North Hollywood!

Congrats, Caiti!

Congrats, Val!

Congrats, Joe!

Congrats, Sung!

Congrats, Derek and Jesse!

Congrats, Tamra!

Congrats, Christina!

Congrats, Ciaran!

Congrats, Miho!

Congrats, James!

Congrats, Terry!

Congrats, Mike!

Congrats, Wheelhouse host Nolan Sykes!

Congrats, Jerome!

Congrats, Brittany!

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Congrats, Jen!

Congrats, Elaine and Leon!

Congrats, Deirdre!

Congrats, Marina!

Congrats, Lincoln!

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Congrats, Yency!

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Congrats, Julie and Kevin!

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Congrats, Hanchen!

Congrats, Vadim!

Congrats, Katharine!

Congrats, rock producer David Fishof!

Congrats, Lauren and Ashley!

Congrats, Nicole and Jim!

Congrats, Ronen!

Congrats, Charlotte!

Congrats, Cynthia!

Congrats, Pat!

Congrats, Jessica!

Congrats, Nanda!

Congrats, Vone!

Congrats, Sebastian!

Congrats, Rondale!

Congrats, Carolyn!

Congrats, Monica!

Congrats, actor Gabriel Luna (Terminator: Dark Fate, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)!

Congrats, Patrick!

Congrats, Natalie!

Congrats, Suniel!

Congrats, A.V.!

Congrats, Riley!

Congrats, Erik!

Congrats, Mohammed!

Congrats, Evan!

Congrats, Emilie!

Congrats, Mira!

Congrats, Jenniflor!

Congrats, Sarah!

Congrats, actor/director Casey Affleck!

Congrats, Joon!

Congrats, Carolina!

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Congrats, Hossein and Fraser!

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Congrats, soccer-great Zlatan Ibrahimović (LA Galaxy, World Cup)!

Congrats, Eric Whitney (aka Ghostemane)!

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Congrats, Jackson “Cat Daddy” Galaxy (My Cat from Hell, Animal Planet) and brother Marc !

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Congrats, Jodi!

Congrats, Arie!

Congrats, Cynthia!

Congrats, Aimee!

NFL cornerback Anthony Henry (Browns, Cowboys, Lions) did great in his Class M1 Basic Course–but of course! We got him road-ready and consulted on his first bike.

Leave the speed records on the field, Anthony. Congrats and happy miles ahead!

Andrea was the first client on our sweet new street-training bike. This fantastic and friendly mid-weight 650 is now available for private Transition Class and Open Class training.

Both bike and biker are off to an auspicious start. Great job, Andrea! Congrats and welcome.

Another client engaging our full suite of new-rider services, we helped Aaron learn to ride, get official, find his first motorcycle, and transition to the bigger machine and the street. (We may have even helped name his sweet new Triumph Thruxton–oh!, the bikes we’ve named.)

Congrats, welcome and happy riding, Aaron!

Brit standup, Romesh Ranganathan, came to Class: M1 to film a segment for his upcoming Showtime series…in part.

The more urgent purpose was to keep him whole and healthy on the Piaggio MP3 scooter procured for the extended shoot in L.A. (Depending on who told it, the story of his first go in a parking lot was either expletively hilarious or terrifying.)

We got him riding with control and confidence, and they got their (much less eventful) footage. It was a pleasure, Romesh. Congrats!

Lea took advantage of our comprehensive training and concierge services to learn to ride, purchase her first bike, and transition to the street.

She did great and we wish her and her sweet new R3 many safe, happy miles ahead!

Australian pop artist Cody Simpson came to Class: M1 for help transitioning to a bigger motorcycle and the street.

We facilitated a rental and delivery to our controlled range for fundamentals training before moving beyond with a focus on street-strategy and risk moderation. He did great and we followed-up with a consult on his first bike purchase.

In his words, “The first step is a leap of faith.” Sounds to us like another hit song!

Congrats and happy riding, Cody!

TJ had some experience with dirt bikes but called seeking professional guidance before buying his first street bike. The distinction between dirt and street riding is crucial and we were happy to help get him road-ready.

Many happy miles ahead, TJ!

Zoheb took advantage of our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course and some down-time on an extended visit from India to satisfy a nagging desire to ride a motorcycle.

We look forward to getting him on the PCH next time he’s in town!

Delia (like hundreds before her!) learned to ride and got official with our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course.

Great job, Delia! Congrats and welcome.

Before welcoming her moto-riding boyfriend’s assistance, Cheyenne desired professional training to get up and riding–what we call Doing Things Right.

Not only is she smart, but a bit of a natural. Great start, Cheyenne, and many happy miles ahead!

Our private Class M1 1-Day Basic Course is a much more flexible and personalized alternative to the traditional group classes. We are able to move at our clients’ pace and focus on individual needs; with 1:1 attention and in-helmet communication, our new-rider curriculum is uniquely efficient and effective…and, of course, fun!

Congrats and welcome, Rahul!

Teal received the gift of motorcycling for her birthday. A rider is born!

Congrats and welcome, Teal.

Peter recently moved to LA from NYC and immediately bought a Yamaha SMAX scooter…because LA. A few weeks later at the same Yamaha shop, he spotted a FZ-07. The SMAX was on borrowed time.

We customized a training package to transition him to a motorcycle and seal the deal. As his new FZ will confirm, sometimes the long way around is the best way forward.

Congrats, Peter, and many happy miles ahead.

Vanessa got up and riding in our 2-hour Intro Class–ideal for dipping a toe, foundation-(re)building, and gifting!

Welcome, Vanessa!

Joy and Devon took advantage of our Class M1 Plus-One 1-Day Basic Course to learn to ride together and get official.

Our Plus courses offer a solution for training multiple riders while maintaining the virtues of our 1:1 model. They both did great and it was a fun day with a lot of laughs.

Congrats and many happy miles ahead, you two.

Tomer is a busy man, but needed to learn to ride in anticipation of an upcoming trail-riding adventure with friends along the northern California coast. Juicy purpose!

One virtue of Class: M1 private training is our ability to accommodate active clients with 1-Day Basic Courses and flexible scheduling.

We got him riding with control and confidence, and M1-endorsed with plenty of time to move forward with road-training before this adventure and beyond.

Congrats, Tomer.

Another client putting the cart before the horse, Scott bought a brand-new Piaggio scooter…and then figured he oughta learn to ride it. We love the commitment and enthusiasm!

He enrolled in our Scooter Class 1-Day Basic Course to learn the fundamentals and get official. He did great and now has the horse in front of him…or under him…or…you get the idea.

Congrats, Scott!

It’d been a minute since Kouros had ridden. We designed a custom-training package to reboot his skills and get him official.

He did great and is now back on the road with confidence. Many happy miles ahead, Kouros!

Frankie grew-up near Sturgis, South Dakota, so naturally has motorcycles in the blood. Because she still hadn’t learned to ride, her husband fulfilled her birthright for her birthday–with the gift of motorcycling.

Frankie’s a natural alright. She did great in her Class M1 1-Day Basic Course and we’ll help her find her first bike and get on the road soon with Transition Class training.

Welcome Home.

We believe strongly in comprehensive new-rider training as a two-part process: 1) fundamental training to learn the mechanics of riding and 2) transition training to move to a bigger machine and the street with control and confidence. Of course, the process is continual and our training is as open as the road itself.

Jake is another client who shares our belief in a comprehensive approach. We got him riding and official with our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course; and road-ready with our new 3-hour Transition Intro Class; consulted on a first-bike purchase (a shiny-new Triumph Speedmaster); and helped him and his new motorcycle bond on the controlled range and their maiden voyage together with our 5-hour Transition Class.

There are many miles ahead. The first steps are crucial.

Great job and congratulations, Jake!

We customized a training package to teach Penelope the fundamentals of riding in preparation for an upcoming movie shoot. Acting! We’ll get her official and on the real-life road upon her triumphant return.

Congrats, Penelope. Good stuff ahead!

Actor Carlos Alazraqui (Reno 911, Family Guy, “¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!”) took full advantage of comprehensive and personalized 1:1 training to graduate from scooter to motorcycle.

With our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course, Transition training on Ducati and Harley rentals, and motorcycle concierge service, he gained the skill and knowledge he needed to confidently purchase his first motorcycle–a beautiful new Ducati Scrambler.

Congrats, Carlos–it was a pleasure working (and playing!) with you.

Oswaldo did great in his Class M1 1-Day Basic Course. Another official rider is born.

Congrats and welcome, Ozy!

Raz got up and riding with our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course just in time for his move to Austin, TX–from one great motorcycle city to another.

Congrats and happy riding, Raz!

Between projects as a busy TV writer, Ryan decided it was finally time to enjoy some personal riding of another sort. Eh??

He took our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course to learn the fundamentals and get official; and we’ll soon get him on a bigger motorcycle and progressively on to the street with comprehensive Transition Class training.

Congrats and welcome, Ryan.

Gary and Kristyn took advantage of our Class M1 Plus-One 1-Day Basic Course to learn to ride and get official together. Class: M1 Plus-One packages are our solution for training multiple riders while maintaining the core virtues of our 1:1 model.

It was a fun day and they both did great! Next up, Transition Class Plus-One to get them both safely on the road!

To many happy miles together!

We got Alexis starting, stopping, shifting and turning–the fundamentals of motorcycling–with our 2-hour Intro Class. She did great and will return to complete her comprehensive new-rider training and get official.

Congrats, Alexis!

Anna did great in her Class M1 1-Day Basic Course. Another rider is born!

Congrats and welcome.

Juanita had taken the traditional group course for new riders and earned her M1, but still felt unprepared to move forward on her own. It’s a common story–let’s call it Rider’s Block–and we’re here to help with the next chapter.

We bolstered her fundamentals on the controlled-range and she left with the confidence to purchase her first motorcycle. We’ll continue with Transition Class training to get Juanita and her new Suzuki M50 safely and happily on the road. There’s no stopping her now!

Actor Matthew Davis (The Vampire Diaries) experienced his first ride–and first Harley, no less–with our comprehensive private Transition Class training.

We facilitated the motorcycle rental and delivery; reinforced his fundamentals and transitioned him to the bigger machine on the controlled-range; and progressively moved forward on the open-road for a triumphant maiden voyage.

There are many miles ahead, but the first steps are crucial. Professional, systematic guidance makes the difference. Congrats and welcome, Matt!

As part of our Class: M1 Motorcycle Concierge services, we consulted on, test-rode, and delivered Rick’s first bike–a cherry red Suzuki SV650. We then transitioned him to the bike on the controlled-range and on to the streets for his premier ride.

He did great. Congrats and happy riding, Rick!

Mark did great in his Class M1 1-Day Basic Course. Congrats and welcome!

Ryan utilized comprehensive Class: M1 Transition training and motorcycle concierge service to make his dream come true. Thank you, Ryan, and many happy miles ahead!

“It had been a life long dream to begin riding. I took the MSF class years ago (but) didn’t feel anywhere near comfortable buying a motorcycle and getting on the open road, so I asked for Steve’s help.

He patiently guided me through my search for a first bike – walking me through the pros and cons of new vs. used, each style of bike, etc. Steve also accompanied me to inspect the selected bike, test ride it, and helped me deliver it home. This portion of the service Steve offers pays for itself.

Most importantly, Steve provided additional training on a private range and gradually transitioned me out to the open road over the course of the day. We were able to rent the exact bike that I purchased, allowing me to become familiar and confident prior to taking delivery. The training was tailored to my needs and created a foundation for me to safely build on going forward.

The type of service and coaching offered by Steve is a rarity this day and age. To this day, each time I get on my bike I hear Steve’s voice coaching me through each step. I encourage each of you to engage Steve – a simple review doesn’t adequately convey the value he creates.” -Ryan C

Sophie had ridden before but was feeling a bit unsure and still lacked her M1 endorsement when she bought a beautiful new Harley Davidson Fat Boy. She came to Class: M1 for help bolstering her skills and getting official.

She did great and we’ll soon move forward with more applied road-training. Congrats on the new ride and Doing Things Right, Sophie!

Brett arranged our 2-hour Intro Class for his wife, Annie. She’d ridden on the back of his bike for years and they decided it was time she move to the business end.

We got her up and riding with control, and she’ll soon complete our comprehensive Class M1 Basic Course to get official and Transition Class to get on the road.

They’re soon to be a two-bike couple and we congratulate them on the addition to the family!

Kim learned the fundamentals and got official with our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course. He did great and is excited to take the next steps with Transition Class training.

Congrats and welcome, Kim.

Actress Hannah James learned the fundamentals and got official with our comprehensive Class M1 1-Day Basic Course; and returned for our new 3-hour Transition Intro Class to progress to the street.

It’s always a true privilege and joy to experience the dream come true with our clients. Next, we’ll help her find her first motorcycle and continue moving forward.

Welcome, Hannah.

Melissa did great in her Class M1 1-Day Basic Course. We’ll soon help her transition to a bigger motorcycle and the street.

Congrats and welcome, Melissa!

Kern, an old client and friend, reached-out because his girlfriend, Fedah, wanted to learn to ride a scooter. Following her Scooter Class 1-Day Basic Course, Kern booked a couple hours of Open Class training to enhance his motorcycle skills. They both did great!

We’re always happy to personalize training packages to fit our clients’ needs.

Couples that Ride Together, Abide Together! (Just made that up…just now!)

Rima got up and riding with control in our 2-hour Intro Class, and will soon complete the Class M1 1-Day Basic Course to get official.

Congrats and welcome, Rima!

A busy business owner, Crosby split her Class M1 1-Day Basic Course training into two days. Day One went great and we’ll soon get her back up and official. Next step, we’ll help her transition to a bigger bike and the road.

Good stuff ahead, Crosby!

Christian bought a used Harley Davidson Wide Glide as his first bike…and then decided it was time to learn to ride!

We’ve become hard to shock. The sequence is actually not uncommon, and having the final piece of the puzzle sitting in the garage is pretty good motivation, it turns out.

Of course, we advised a progressive, systematic and patient approach forward–get those corner pieces put-together first!

He learned the fundamentals and got official with our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course, and we’ll help him transition to the bigger machine and the street soon enough.

Congrats and welcome, Christian.

Another rider is born! Nate did great…in our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course. Congrats and welcome!

Motorcycling holds unique and varied meaning for all who choose to ride. One constant, it seems, is freedom.

Irv had unique and varied reasons, to be sure, but freedom away from his hectic professional life was central. He made the time for our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course to learn to ride and get official; and we’ll continue toward his dream of getting a touring bike and cruising into the boundless horizon.

Good stuff ahead, Irv. Congratulations and welcome.

Another scooter rider switching gears (a-thank you) to a motorcycle, Brian did great in his Class M1 1-Day Basic Course and we’re already consulting on his first bike.

Congrats and welcome, Brian. Get ready to flash “the sign” a lot more now.

The lacrosse team at UC Berkeley all ride scooters, apparently, and Maryn was feeling the squeeze. She purchased a sweet little Honda Metro from one of her departing teammates and it awaits in storage for her return in the fall.

She–mom and dad–figured she should get some professional training this summer to learn to ride the thing.

She developed the fundamentals with our Scooter Class 1-Day Basic Course and came back for our new Transition Intro Class package to move confidently on to the road.

She did great and can’t wait to get back to school! We’re excited for you, too, Maryn!

Following a traditional basic course, Keith reached out with a common question: Now What?! Our Transition Class training is designed to help new riders take the next crucial steps forward to a bigger bike and the streets so they can begin safely and confidently advancing on their own.

We facilitated a rental and delivery, and transitioned him from closed-range to open-road. He did great and now feels ready for his first motorcycle.

Congratulations and welcome, Keith!

We took Jin from Step 1 to M1 and beyond.

She learned the fundamentals on our friendly training bike and controlled range, and got official with the Class M1 1-Day Basic Course. We then consulted on her brand new Harley Davidson Street 750, arranged delivery and transitioned her to both the Street and the streets with Transition Class training

Jin took a comprehensive approach to moving safely and happily forward on her own–what we call Doing Things Right!

There are many miles ahead, but the first steps are crucial.

Congrats and welcome, Jin!

Tina and Deb had both been riding awhile when they reached out to us for help strengthening their skills. We’re always supportive of more experienced riders actively seeking to improve, and were happy to arrange a custom training package for them.

Over the course of two modified Plus-One 1-Day Transition Class sessions, we bolstered their techniques on the closed-range; consulted on a new bike purchase for Tina (a sweet–matching!–Harley Davidson Softail Slim); and put everything together on an extended ride into the mountains along the Angeles Crest.

They did great and feel much more confident and prepared moving forward.

Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training is uniquely personalized, flexible and comprehensive. What can we do for you?

New scooter riders face a problem. The traditional group courses don’t typically offer scooters and the training is primarily geared (ahem) toward motorcycles.

Our 1:1 Scooter Class guides a brand-new rider from Step 1 to M1 on our friendly scooter, providing a much more efficient and effective (and we think fun!) solution.

Rebecca did great and is ready for her new Vespa!

As a new rider fresh from a traditional basic course and having just purchased his first bike, Sam came to us with a common question: Now what?!

Class: M1 Transition Class training is our answer. We facilitated delivery of his brand new, beautiful Ducati Monster 821 to our controlled range to hone his skills on the bigger machine; and progressed systematically to the streets to apply concepts of risk moderation, street strategy, and situational awareness.

He did great and took a crucial next step toward many safe, happy miles ahead. Congrats and welcome, Sam!

JB commuted on his 650 scooter for years and decided it was finally time for a motorcycle. We got him up and riding with our Class M1 Basic Course…

…and onto his sweet new Kawi Vulcan and the road with Transition Class training.

Congrats and welcome, JB!

James went from Step 1 to M1 with our 1-Day Class M1 Basic Course. It’s always satisfying helping our clients through this exciting process.

Congrats and welcome, James!

Berj applied his 2-hour Intro Class training to complete the comprehensive Class M1 Basic Course and get official.

Congrats and welcome, Berj!

Merrie was a new rider deciding between a scooter or motorcycle. One of the many virtues of private training is flexibility–we got her up on both!

Soon after, we consulted on the purchase of her brand new…motorcycle! Congrats and welcome, Merrie!

Nick, an actor and martial artist from Australia and Hong Kong, reached a popular conclusion upon moving to L.A.: Time to ride!

He did great in our 2-hour Intro Class, and we’ll soon get him official and PCH-ready.

Welcome, Nick!

Another rider to take the first steps with our 2-hour Intro Class, Daniel’s motorcycling journey has begun. Lots of good stuff ahead!

Congrats and welcome, Daniel.

Our 2-hour Intro Class is a great way to start and provides a solid foundation of skill and confidence before moving forward. We got Omar up and riding and he’s ready to take the next steps.

Congrats and welcome, Omar!

When CJ’s not on stage dancing with Justin Bieber, you’ll now likely find him out riding his new Harley Iron.

We got him official with our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course and on the road (the Angeles Crest, no less) with Transition Class training. Congrats and welcome, CJ.

From Step 1 to M1 to CA-1…and Beyond!

Rafi’s wife gave him the gift of motorcycling for his birthday. Our two-hour Intro Class package is perfect for gifting. Eh, Rafi?

He did great and we’ll soon continue to get him official and on the road. Congrats and welcome!

Victoria related to a testimonial from a client who, fresh from a group beginner-course, dropped her new motorcycle the first-time out and felt unprepared to move forward on her own. It’s a story we hear often, along with the plea, “What Now?!”

We designed our basic Transition Class with such riders in mind. The 5-hour package bolsters skill and confidence on the closed-range; and systematically progresses on the open-road to apply technique and concepts of risk moderation, street strategy and situational awareness.

Victoria did great on her sweet (battle-hardened) Triumph Scrambler. Triumph, indeed. What Now?! Time to Ride!

Lauren’s husband gave her the gift of motorcycling on Mother’s Day. He and their little kids dropped Mom off for our two-hour Intro Class and returned to Moto Mama! She did great and had a special day, indeed. It was a pretty special day for Class: M1 as well, must say.

We’ll continue to help get her official and road-ready. Congrats and welcome, Lauren.

Tiffany finally decided to pursue her life-long dream of riding. She dipped a toe with our 2-hour Intro Class and the water felt fine!

She’ll complete our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course and we’ll get her official. Beyond that, Transition Class and the open road await!

Congrats and welcome, Tiffany!

Like many experienced riders, Nate struggled to pass the DMV skills test on his own motorcycle. He took advantage of our DMV Buster service to finally get official. The right bike and right technique make the difference.

Congrats, Nate!

“We make the DMV suck less for your success.”

As small business owner, Joe is a busy man. When he decided it was finally time to ride, our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course was the solution. Our unique 1:1 training system is a more efficient (and, we uphold, effective) alternative to the traditional group program. Next, we’ll get him on the road with Transition Class training.

All work and no play, eh, Joe? Congrats and welcome!

We got Jae up and riding with our 2-hour Intro Class. He’ll finish his Class M1 Basic Course training and get official soon.

Congrats and welcome, Jae!

When William decided to ride, his dad, a lifelong biker, urged him to Do Things Right. He enrolled in our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course for comprehensive fundamental training and to get official.

He’ll follow-up with Transition Class training to move forward to a bigger bike and the road. Father and son will be riding together soon!

Congrats and welcome, Will!

From any early age, Eveeta rode a scooter in Nepal. Our comprehensive DMV Buster service helped get her official here. Congrats and happy riding, Eveeta!

“We make the DMV suck less for your success.”

Like many of our DMV-service clients, Mauro was having trouble passing the skills test on his own bike. With our Lil’ Red and on-site guided practice, he’s finally official! The right bike and the right technique make the difference.

“We make the DMV suck less for your success.”

Martina dropped her brand-new Ninja 650 as a fresh graduate of the traditional state motorcyclist training course. Thankfully, she was fine, but her bike and confidence took a hit.

We helped facilitate motorcycle delivery to our closed range to boost her skill and spirits; and moved progressively onto the open road for her first proper ride. She did great.

Transition training–to a bigger bike and the streets–is a crucial next step beyond the basics. It’s what we call Doing Things Right.

Congratulations and welcome, Martina.

Dave’s had two motorcycles sitting in his garage for nearly two years but couldn’t find the time to learn to ride them.

Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training regularly helps accommodate busy clients like Dave. We got him up and riding in our 2-hour Intro Class, and will continue with Class M1 Basic and Transition Class training as his schedule allows. We’ll have those bikes out of the garage by summer!

Welcome, Dave.

Neil utilized our DMV Buster service to (finally!) get official. Lil’ Red strikes again!

Congrats and happy riding, Neil.

“We make the DMV suck less for your success.”

Ricky’s dad is a lifelong rider and builds custom bikes in his retirement. When Ricky finally decided to ride himself, his dad had a new pet project on his hands. “No son of mine is riding a stock motorcycle!” The project includes a father/son ride upon delivery this summer.

We got him up and riding with our 2-hour Intro Class, and we’ll continue with our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course and Transition Class training to get him road-ready.

Good stuff ahead. Congrats and welcome, Ricky!

Steve’s Ducati Monster has been transported (three states plus Canada) more than ridden (about 600 miles on the clock). After buying it new a few years ago, life put his aspirations as a new rider on hold.

Finally, after settling in Los Angeles (and yet another motorcycle transport), he naturally felt rusty and unprepared to move forward on his own. He wisely reached out for help and we customized a 1-Day Transition Class package to meet his unique needs.

We facilitated delivery–one more for the travel-weary Monster!–to our controlled range to reacquaint the old friends and sharpen his fundamentals. We then progressively transitioned him back to streets, concluding triumphantly with a guided commute back home.

We’ll follow-up with a proper PCH ride soon.

Congrats and welcome back, Steve.

Soon after completing our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course, Marc purchased his first motorcycle–a killer cafe-style ’75 Honda CB360. He sent us a pic of it up on the mechanic’s stand, along with a request for additional training before taking delivery.

We helped transition him to the street on our trainer for his premier ride, and will reconvene soon with his CB to take the next steps.

You’ll always remember your first ride. It’s always a privilege and a joy to be a part of that experience with our clients.

Congratulations and welcome, Marc.

Regina finished the traditional state group-class and bought a brand-sizzling-new Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro. She dropped it her first time out. Feeling tentative and discouraged, she watched it sit unridden in her garage for months.

With our Transition Class package, we helped arrange delivery of her bike to our controlled-range to boost her skill and confidence, and triumphantly guided her back onto the street. She did a great job and now feels fortified to take that sweet Duc out of the garage.

Basic training is a first step. Transition training is the pivotal next step toward many safe, happy miles to come. It’s what we call Doing Things Right.

Congratulations, Regina!

Another client coming to us with hopes of renting a scooter during an island getaway, Alex gained the skill and confidence on the controlled range to begin transitioning to the street. We’ll continue to get her fully prepared to enjoy the Greek Isles in style.

We’re excited for you, Alex!

Jeff had an M1 endorsement, a brand-new Yamaha SR400, and a familiar question: “What Now?!”

We hear it often, and our answer is Class: M1 Transition Class training. We helped coordinate round-trip delivery of his sweet new SR to our controlled training range to transition to the bigger machine, and then guided him systematically forward onto the streets. This step beyond basic new-rider training is crucial and designed to help our clients gain the skill and confidence needed to continue progressing on their own.

He did great and will soon return for more advanced training and a proper ride along the Angeles Crest. Congrats and welcome, Jeff!

Suzette is a mom and an artist and, now…a biker! She did great in her 2-hour Intro Class–which we’ll apply toward her full Class M1 1-Day Basic Course. From there, it’s Transition Class training to help her move forward to a bigger bike and the streets.

From Step 1 to M1 to CA-1…and beyond!

Another client coming to Class: M1 following a bad experience in the traditional group motorcycle course, Kasey excelled with private 1:1 training. And, of course, she had a blast.

We’ve already consulted on her first bike–a sweet CB350!–and will continue to help her transition to the bigger machine and the street. We applaud her perseverance and are excited to help make her fantasy a reality.

Congratulations and welcome, Kasey!

All Ezra knew for sure was that he was finally ready to try the thing he’s desired and put on hold for too long. Ezra was ready to ride.

He took our Class M1 1-Day Motorcycle Basic Course and did great throughout. It wasn’t until we neared the final hour that he expressed a curiosity in trying a scooter, revealing a notable virtue of private training–it is uniquely flexible and personalized.

We pulled our training scoot from the fleet and soon had him up. He instantly loved it and decided it was the way forward! We’ll continue to get him licensed, find a scoot and take it to the streets.

Welcome, Ezra.

Pamela is planning an extended stay in Bali and wants to get around like nearly everyone (plus their kids and dog) does–on a scooter. She’d never ridden and, wisely, gave us a call first.

Visitors to destinations with prevalent scooter cultures can easily take a casual attitude toward renting and riding. Actually, the risks–more vulnerable, less visible–don’t change, and proper training remains crucial.

She did great and we’ll have another session to enhance her skills and confidence before she leaves.

Another new rider coming to us for guidance moving forward following a traditional group course, we fortified Zehra’s skill and confidence on the closed-range and transitioned systematically to the open-road for her premier ride. She did great and her excitement was contagious.

We’ll continue to progress with additional road-training soon. Congratulations and welcome, Zehra!

It’s been awhile since Marissa took the traditional group-class to learn to ride, and she hasn’t been back-up since. We personalized an abbreviated Class M1 Basic Course to refresh and reinforce her fundamentals, giving her the skill and confidence to move forward on her own.

Congratulations, Marissa!

Our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course is a private alternative to the traditional state group-class. Our unique 1:1 format offers a very different experience that is more flexible, personalized, efficient and, we uphold, effective. From Step 1 to M1…to CA-1 and beyond!

Congrats and welcome, Marc!

After a long hiatus from motorcycles as a self-taught rider, Harry bought a beautiful new Moto Guzzi Eldorado and soon felt a bit in-over-his-head. We worked with him to bolster his fundamentals, transition to the bigger bike, and get official. We’ll soon continue with road training to help send him and his Guzzi safely and happily on their way. Congrats and welcome back, Harry!

“I have not owned a motorcycle in 30+ years and my wife finally agreed…So I ran out the next day and bought a bike before she changed her mind.

Thinking that I could just jump back on a bike and feel confident was a sobering experience.

In comes Class: M1. My first session with Steve revealed things I had never thought about, I just always jumped on and rode. He patiently explained the physics behind the required knowledge needed to be in control with very easy explanation. I then needed to take my DMV ride test…He brought a 125 and worked with me for about 1/2 hour. I passed! We are heading out for a road course in the next week or two.

Do yourself a favor, take some training from Class: M1, your life may depend on it.” -Harry H.


Aldina had completed a traditional group class and bought a motorcycle, but felt unready to move ahead on her own. “What now?!” It’s a common question.

Class: M1 Transition Class training is our answer. We delivered Aldina’s brand new Honda NC700X round-trip to our closed-range to build her skill and confidence on the bigger bike. Next, we’ll guide her progressively forward with open-road training.

It’s always satisfying to be a part of this exciting time with our clients. Congratulations, Aldina!


Ron came to us with an M1 permit and a unique request. He had never ridden but had already done his shopping and was ready to buy his first motorcycle…definitely NOT unique! But, the bike he was contemplating was a Honda CTX700N with an automatic transmission–neither a traditional motorcycle nor a scooter.

We’ve met similar needs with clients getting three-wheelers as new riders–bypassing our small training bikes and starting them on their bigger machines. Likewise, the automatic required an unconventional approach.

After coordinating delivery from the dealer, we systematically and progressively got Ron up and riding with control on his brand new (2 miles on the clock to start!) CTX. We customized an intensive and accelerated program that basically took him through both our Class M1 basic course and Transition Class road-training over one weekend.

With Ron’s focus, commitment and ability, he maximized the virtues of personalized, professional private-training; and affirmed the Class: M1 motto: It’s not the What; it’s the How.

We’ll get him official and on the PCH soon! Congratulations and welcome, Ron.


Cynthia was as surprised as thrilled to be up and riding with control in our 2-hour Intro Class. She wasn’t sure it would be for her, but now just try and stop her! We’ll continue to help get her road-ready soon.

Congratulations and welcome.


Mia took advantage of our 2-hour Intro Class training to get up and riding. She did great and will soon finish our Class M1 Basic Course to get official; and continue with Transition Class onto a bigger motorcycle and the open road.

Good stuff ahead, Mia. Congratulations!


This text from Daniel immediately following his Class M1 1-Day Basic Course says it all:

“You’re the absolute best. Huge new passion!”

While we’re blushing a bit at the first sentiment, that second one has us beaming with joy. We understand what a big deal it is to (finally!) decide to ride and what a life-changer it can be. It’s always a privilege to be a part of this exciting time for our clients.

Welcome, Daniel.


Octavio is preparing to shoot a motorcycle-themed TV series and had never ridden. We got him up to speed with the fundamentals, and will continue to get him road (and camera!) ready soon.

Whether an actor or anyone with an urgent purpose to learn to ride, we regularly customize accelerated, personalized training programs to meet our clients’ needs.

Congrats, Tavo!


It’d been awhile since Robert was in the saddle and he was ready to get back up. We got him riding with control and confidence on the closed-range. We’ll follow-up with Transition Class training and get him on the open-road again soon! Welcome back.


Mauricio was a car man. Fast cars. He was ready for something different. It may still have a European name, but his Piaggio MP3 500 three-wheel scooter is something very different.

While (thanks to a CA DMV loophole) an M1 is not necessary for a three-wheeler, he still needed to learn to ride the thing! We got him up on the controlled-range and will continue with road training.

What a fun machine! Congrats, Mauricio.


Tanner needed to learn to ride for an upcoming movie shoot, and brought friends Ken and Russell along for a Class M1 Basic Course. Our new Plus-One and Plus-Two packages offer an option for training and licensing multiple riders while maintaining the many virtues of our 1:1 model. And, of course, we had a blast.

We’ll continue to help Tanner get road and camera ready!


Happy “Graduation” to Patrick, who took our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course to learn to ride and get official. He opted to test on our friendly scooter and returns triumphant to his brand new Triumph Street Twin.

There’s always more to learn, but he’s off to a winning start!

“From never riding a motorcycle in my life, Steve got me riding and helped me pass my M1 test at the DMV. The M1 test is absolutely nerve-racking, but having Steve there got me through it! I highly recommend private lessons with Class: M1 to anyone interested in learning to ride!” -Patrick R.


Coming from Mainland China–where motorcycling is tightly regulated–Ricky decided to make the most of his time here for school and bought a sweet (and, sadly, now endangered) Victory Octane. We helped him transition to his new machine and prepare for the M1 endorsement on our trusty trainer.

Congrats and happy riding, Ricky!


Omar is starting the new year with a rumble! He did great in our Class M1 1-Day Basic Course, and we’ll help him find his first motorcycle and get on the road soon. Congrats!


Jiye is new to Los Angeles, and it didn’t take her long to decide it was time for a motorcycle. Where else can you learn to ride on Christmas Eve?

She did great in her Class M1 1-Day Basic Course. Next, we’ll help get her on the road with Transition Class training. Congrats, Jiye!


As part of Alex’s comprehensive Transition training (and first-motorcycle search), we facilitated Harley, Ducati, and BMW rentals and continued to build his skill and confidence on the road.

He did great and our next ride will be on his brand new R nineT! Congrats, Alex!


We met Alex at the BMW dealer to pick-up his exquisite new R nineT; continue road-training with a celebratory maiden voyage along Angeles Crest; and escort him safely back home.

It is a true joy and honor to share these moments with our clients.


Our Class M1 new-rider package is a 6-hour private 1:1 alternative to the traditional 15-hour state group course. Being much more flexible and personalized, we are able to adapt our system to each client’s individual pace and learning style; plus, our use of in-helmet intercom communication is hugely beneficial–all making the learning process more effective, efficient, safe and fun.

In the words of a recent client, “As far as I’m concerned, there is no better instruction for the beginner or returning motorcyclist available!”

Congratulations, Jonathan!–our latest graduate. We’ll move on to Transition Class road-training soon.

…From Step 1 to M1…to CA-1!


The day before Alexander was set to pick-up his first motorcycle, he suffered a mountain bike accident that kept him off two wheels for a good while. He’s made strong meaning of it, and trusts the timing. He’s fully ready and more committed now than ever!

We got him back up and will continue to help him find his actual first motorcycle and transition to the road. Welcome back, Alex.


Sona clearly had a great time getting up and riding with our 2-hour Intro Class. We’ll continue her training and get her on the road soon. More great times ahead, Sona!


Wayne took advantage of our new DMV Slayer package to get official following a recent move from the UK and a long break from riding. Congrats!

“We make the DMV suck less for your success.”


Thanks, Trey. Congrats.

“I have my motorcycle license but haven’t been on a bike in forever…and really never had much street experience (only dirt bikes growing up).

While I was looking for a motorcycle, I asked the salesman about taking a refresher course. He recommended Class: M1 and gave me their card. I couldn’t be happier! I left a voicemail on the number that day and Steve called me back within a few hours. We discussed my needs and decided a 1 on 1 would be best for me.

Class: M1 has a private secured lot which is prefect for the basics. Steve went over the bike and even though I have some riding experience he made sure to cover the fundamentals.

The Intro Class was 2 hours and we ended up running over by 30 mins. Not once did I feel like I was “on the clock” or that Steve was trying to leave/checking his watch. We even practiced a few more advanced maneuvering skills after the initial 2 hour time-frame.

If you are a new rider or just want to hone your street skills, I definitely recommend contacting Class: M1. You won’t be disappointed.” -Trey B.


Immediately after Nathan completed the traditional group motorcycle training course, his dad called on us to help his son take the next steps forward. They are Doing Things Right!

We helped him transition to his sweet new Honda CBR500 (see trailer in background!) on the closed-range, and then took it to the streets. We strengthened his fundamentals and refined his street strategies. He did great.

We’ll continue to prepare him for many safe, happy miles ahead. The first steps are crucial.

Congrats, Nathan.


Thanks, Brian.

“I’m completely new to riding and had signed up for a group course at the end of the month and wanted to get some training before I headed to my class. I found Class: M1 while searching for private lessons in my area and I’m glad I found these guys.

I took the Intro Class with Steve thinking there is no way I could learn how to ride a motorcycle in two hours but I was wrong. Steve was a great instructor and I actually learned the basics of riding (starting, turning, shifting, and stopping) and by the end of the class I was doing figure 8’s in the parking lot.

I feel more confident now going to the group course and look forward to taking more 1:1 lessons from Steve.” -Brian Y.


Shortly after we helped Valerie learn to ride a couple years ago, she moved out-of-state and never got a bike. We were her first call upon her recent move back to L.A.–California tends to have that effect on people.

We helped her re-gain confidence on the closed-range, and we’ll move forward with street-training soon. She’s just about as excited as we are for her! Welcome back, Val.


Ignacio hadn’t ridden for a long while and wanted to get his M1 before his license expired. We had him on the closed-range Sunday and official Monday. Congrats!

We’ll continue to help him find a bike and get back on the road.


An anesthesiologist, Allison is planning a well-earned vacation in Spain and wants to spend a day sightseeing on two wheels. Smart and smart!

It’s been a while since we taught her to ride and she hasn’t been up since. Her return was triumphant, and we’ll continue to get her Spain-ready!


A retired fireman, Ally considers himself equally lucky to have survived the risks of firefighting and youthful indiscretion on a sportbike. He’s ready to get back up and wants to Do Things Right this time around.

We’re re-building his foundation, getting him official, and helping him transition to a new bike and the road.

It was an honor to receive this shortly after his first session:

“You are a “fireman” in your own right! You’ve got heart, and it is present in your work, the way you teach, and the love for what you do! Thanks again for an awesome experience!” -Ally


A couple years ago, we taught Baris to ride and helped him find his first motorcycle and transition to the road. He was a natural and quickly flew the nest.

We were surprised to hear back from him (beyond tales of adventure). He had sold the Harley, taken a year-long hiatus and was stretching shaky wings.

We facilitated a Ducati Monster 696 rental and ran him through Transition Class training. He quickly regained confidence on the closed-range and made his triumphant return along Angeles Crest. Of course, we celebrated with lunch at Newcomb’s Ranch.

Baris is flying free again. Now, to find that next bike.


Another scooter to motorcycle convert, Louis made the shift (eh?!) and is a changed man. We’ll continue to transition to his first bike and the road.


Thank you, Louis. Congrats!

“After many years of riding a Vespa, I decided the time had come to move up to a full-sized motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle is truly exhilarating, there’s nothing else like it! But proper training is critical.

My search for instruction was a little frustrating at first: there are quite a few “group” motorcycle classes around, and although such classes can be very beneficial, I felt I needed quality one-on-one instruction. As luck would have it, I came across a recommendation for Class: M1, and decided to give Steve a call.

I was immediately impressed with him. He listened patiently to my story, and understood exactly what I was looking for, and more importantly, what I needed. Once on the range, Steve had me review and work on the basics, and in doing so, exhibited an uncanny ability to identify weak areas and focus on improving bad habits. He did all this in a friendly, patient, compassionate manner. After just that first session, I felt so much more confident!

Over the course of a few sessions, Steve got me up to speed on the basics of safe, sound (and fun!) riding. I really had a great time. When the time came to buy a motorcycle, Steve not only shared my enthusiasm, but gave me incredibly valuable advice during the selection process. Once I found the perfect bike (for me!), he delivered it and we immediately had a transition session during which he got me comfortable and safe with my new purchase.

I cannot recommend Class: M1 and Steve more enthusiastically. As far as I’m concerned, there is no better instruction for the beginner or returning motorcyclist available! Thanks Steve! You’ve helped me join the ranks of the motorcycle community in a fun, enjoyable, confidence-inspiring way.” -Louis F.


Beware! Scooters are often a gateway to the harder stuff. Scott had his first taste of motorcycle and his scoot will no longer do the trick. You can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Welcome, Scott!


Brothers Jake and Garrick took advantage of our new Class M1 Plus One training to get up and riding together. They both did great and had a brotherly good time.

We’ll get ’em official and on the road soon. More brotherly good times ahead!


Patrick has had a motorcycle on his mind for a long time. While the vision of a Sunday ride through the canyons to the beach was exciting (yeah!), he had reservations about the risk. We have these conversations often.

Motorcyclists are less visible and more vulnerable. We accept these risks when we choose to ride. But it’s not all bad news–there are certain advantages to being on two wheels in traffic; and risk can be managed through strategy and skill. Proper training is the crucial first step.

We got Patrick riding with control and confidence on the closed range and now there’s no stopping him! He’s already got an eye on his first bike. We’ll continue to help him transition and make that Sunday ride a reality.


An upcoming road-trip with his dad was the motivation Rafi needed to quit putting-off the DMV skills test and finally get official.

The DMV motorcycle skills test has a near 80% FAIL rate in CA. Our clients have an above 90% PASS rate. The right techniques and the right bike (Lil’ Red strikes again!) make the difference.

Congrats, Rafi!

We make the DMV suck less for your success. ™


Friends Carrie and Yasenia had different needs but wanted to train together. One of the virtues of Class: M1 private training is the flexibility to personalize our approach and service for every client.

Carrie, an experienced rider, wanted to transition from her Harley Davidson Dyna to a bigger Touring model. Yasenia, fresh from a challenging traditional group course, needed to bolster her fundamentals in preparation for a successful return. Both are common scenarios individually; we customized a package to accommodate them together.

For Carrie, we facilitated a Street Glide for transition training. We focused on neutralizing weight and refining techniques. With Yasi, one-on-one attention, patient instruction, and our friendly training bike (Suzi!) made all the difference. Both ladies did great; had fun, of course!; and left with newfound skill and confidence. Hell, Carrie left with the Street Glide!


Like many of our clients, Tara came to Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training for help taking the next steps following a traditional group class. What we call Doing Things Right.

We boosted her skill and confidence on the controlled range and introduced her to the street. Here she is after her first-ever ride. Her excitement made us smile too!

Next, we’ll rent a bigger motorcycle and proceed with Transition Class training. Congrats, Tara!


We trained Corby awhile back and he’s been riding happily with his permit since. He’s leaving for Iceland(!) tomorrow and needed his endorsement to rent a bike for part of the trip. With the help of a few tasty tips and the right bike (Lil’ Red!), we got him official with no time to spare.

Congrats, Corby! We’ll be awaiting between-the-bars pics from Reykjavík…

“We make the DMV suck less for your success.”


This is the stuff. First motorcycle–a week-old ’16 Triumph Street Twin; first time on Angeles Crest–on a perfect, quiet weekday; and first bear sighting–a cute yet imposing-looking baby black hunting for old fries at a closed Newcomb’s Ranch.

Bill’s Transition Class training was an exhilarating success. If he wasn’t hooked before…


Lil’ Red, the “DMV Buster” strikes yet again! Martin is official! We’ll help him transition to a bigger bike and the road soon.


Now that her kids are older, Jennifer is finally ready to get a motorcycle. We got her up and riding with our 2-hour Intro Class and will continue to help get her licensed and on the road. Congrats, Jen!


We trained Samantha’s dad awhile back and now it’s her turn! It’s especially gratifying to help get this father/daughter MC on the road.

Mom isn’t as thrilled with the idea, so the deal is, “If you’re gonna do it, Do It Right!” We agree, Mom. She’s off to a great start, and we’ll continue with transition training soon. Congrats, Sam.


Thomas hadn’t ridden since selling his Honda Interceptor in the ’80s. After a challenging return in a traditional group class, he reached out to Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training for some 1:1 help…but not before buying his dream bike: a brand new Ducati Monster 1200 R in Thrilling Black.

After congratulating him on his return and sweet new bike, we gently persuaded him to store the Monster for now and transition on something less…thrilling.

Committed to Doing Things Right this time around, Thomas took our advice; and we’ll work with him to move progressively forward toward his dream ride on his dream bike.

There are many miles to come, but the early steps are crucial. Our clients know this, and it’s always satisfying to be part of the journey. Welcome back, Thomas.


Lil’ Red “The DMV Buster” strikes again! Congrats on getting official, Adrian.

“We make the DMV suck less for your success.”


Rebecca’s beautiful black and red Triumph Bonnevile T100, her first bike, has sat garaged for months since she dropped it in low-speed turn. Levers and pegs have been replaced; but her confidence remained dented.

We hammered things out on our friendly trainer, and she now feels ready to reunite with her estranged Bonnie. We’ll move forward with Transition Class training (including bike-delivery) on the controlled-range and continue to the street.

The traditional group class got her started, but she didn’t feel prepared, nor know how, to take the next steps–a common dilemma. Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training makes the difference! We take great care and satisfaction in getting safe, happy riders on the road; and helping our clients make a dream come true.

Congratulations, Rebecca, on Doing Things Right!


Tania went from Step 1 to M1 with our 1-Day Class M1 motorcycle training package–a personalized, flexible and efficient private 1:1 alternative to the rigid traditional 2 or 3-day group classes.

It is our sincere privilege and pleasure to help our clients live their dreams of riding. Check out that smile! Congrats, Tania.


Yet again our Suzuki GN125, Lil’ Red, proves herself the “DMV Buster”.

Lauris, a life-long rider, failed the skills test on his Harley. He borrowed a smaller machine from a friend and was still having trouble. Enter the the “Buster”! No problem. Congrats on–finally!–getting official, Lauris.

“We make the DMV suck less for your success.”


Ashley Hamilton (Iron Man) came to Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training with no formal training, no M1, and some hard-learned lessons from the road. He wanted to start again the Right Way.

We got him on the controlled-range to bolster his fundamentals and prepare him for the DMV Skill Test; got him official (pictured); and took to the road to work on street-strategies/risk management and proper cornering technique. Next, we’ll continue along the canyons.

Way to Do Things Right, Ash.


Paul Blackthorne (Arrow, CBS) needs to ride a motorcycle in an upcoming movie. Actors, it turns out, do some of their best acting before the shooting begins. “Can you speak Hindi, Paul?” Yes. “Can you ride a motorcycle, Paul?” Yes. Acting! Brilliant!

We got him up and riding much quicker than it took him to make it phonetically through a Bollywood script. We’ll continue with transition training on a bigger bike before production.

Our little red Suzuki trainer instantly reminded him of his dad’s little red Suzuki long ago. This was about more than a movie. Welcome, Paul.


Cut! and Print! We were happy to receive this pic from Paul on set, and a report from the stunt coordinator that he did great on that sweet 1986 XLH. Nice helmet??! Congrats, Paul!


Three-wheeled motorcycles or “trikes” have their appeal. For example, because they do not lean; offer greater stability than a two-wheeler; and require no balance (and no M1!), a trike can seem a more accessible, less daunting option for new riders. There are drawbacks as well, but…just take a look at this new hot rod Harley Freewheeler. Sweet!

It is Rick’s first motorcycle. He has an eye toward two wheels, but felt this was a more comfortable start. We suspect he’ll find room for both in that garage.

His first session went great and we’ll continue with additional, progressive road-training. Congrats, Rick! Welcome.


Bo’s beau is a rider and she refuses to “ride bitc…”, ahem, on the back. She’d prefer to ride alongside, thank you very much.

She already has her M1 from a long-ago traditional group course, but felt like she was starting over.

We got her back up and she did great. Next, we’ll procure and deliver a rental for our Transition Class package–5 hours of mixed range and road training to help her transition to a bigger bike and the street.

Way to go, Bo!


The engine in Ashely’s car blew-up and cost more to fix than the whole thing was worth. She sold it and now rides the bus–she’s got stories!

Time for a scooter!

She did great in our Scooter Class training. We’ll help her buy a new scoot and transition to the road. Congrats, Ashley.


Rose and Mike share a dream of riding motorcycles cross-country to visit family. Following a challenging start in a traditional group course, they reached out to Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training.

We often hear from new riders who experience difficulty in the rigid, structured state course. We can help!

With the benefit of personalized 1:1 instruction; helmet intercom communication; a friendly, manageable training bike; and professional, patient, flexible training, they strengthened their fundamentals and bolstered their confidence. We’ll continue to guide them, progressively, toward their dream.


Fresh from a traditional group course, Karineh couldn’t resist this bad Sporty when she saw it. Unfortunately, she had an incident her first time out.

She wisely called Class: M1. We helped transition her to the bigger machine on our controlled range and will continue with road-training soon.

Karineh’s story is common. New riders spend 10 hours in a parking lot with 11 other riders, receive a waiver, and are essentially waved good-luck.

Our Transition Class training is a crucial step toward getting novice or rusty riders on the road with skill and confidence–helping clients like Karineh overcome inexperience and doubt to fulfill a dream.


Aziz Ansari recently came to Class: M1 for scooter training.

He never rode before but wants to scoot around Italy for an upcoming stay. We accommodated his busy schedule, and after two sessions he left with the skills and confidence to pursue La Dolce Vita. He’ll return for motorcycle training soon! Congrats to Aziz and friend, Nick.


Up from Down Under, we helped Richie get official. With coaching, practice, and our skills-test friendly 125cc motorcycle, he couldn’t believe how EASY it is to get licensed here–it takes two days in Australia.
Now it’s off to explore the coast, canyons and mountain roads of California. Welcome and congrats, Richie.

We make the DMV suck less for your success.” ™


Our Class: M1 DMV Concierge service includes delivery of a friendly, manageable 125cc motorcycle or scooter; practice and coaching on site; and personal guidance and support throughout your visit.

The FAIL rate for the DMV Motorcycle Skills Test is 80(eighty!)%. Our clients have a PASS rate above 90%. Right bike, right technique.

We make the DMV suck less for your success.” ™

Congratulations to Kelly on his M1. Next, we’ll help him transition to a bigger motorcycle, the road, and ultimately his new dream bike–a Harley Breakout.


The decision to ride is always unique and often carries significant personal meaning. Fadi, here from Dubai, has a powerful purpose in wanting to ride and, as always, we feel privileged to be part of the journey.

His first training session on the controlled-range went great and next we’ll help him transition to a bigger bike and the road. Fadi is committed to Doing Things Right and we look forward to the journey ahead.


Our comprehensive Transition Class package helps new or returning riders take the important steps forward to a bigger bike and the streets.

For Fadi, we facilitated a Ninja 250 rental and delivery; bolstered his skill and confidence on the controlled range; and with exclusive, systematic training, got him on the road for the first time.

Soon after, he took advantage or our Concierge service to purchase his first motorcycle–a brand new CBR650F.

Congratulations, Fadi. We wish you many safe, happy miles ahead!


Kelly’s youngest kid turned 18 and he’s finally ready to ride (…his wife is finally ready for him to ride). He’s off to a great start–we’ll continue to help get him official and on the road. Congratulations, Kelly.


It’d been a while since Kern took a basic motorcycle course in New York, and he hadn’t ridden much since. Now in L.A., he decided it was time to do things right.

He enrolled in our comprehensive Class M1 course to hone and develop his riding skills. We’ll continue to help him find his first bike and transition to the road.

We share his excitement. Congrats, Kern.


Kern returned for our 1-day Transition Class intermediate course. We facilitated and delivered a Triumph Bonneville rental; bolstered his skill and confidence on the controlled range; and got him on the road for applied training. He did great!

Next, we’ll help find his first bike and move forward with more extensive training. Congrats, Kern, on Doing Things Right!


Michael found Class: M1 after a traditional group course and extended private lessons elsewhere. He was doing things the right way, but continued to be frustrated by a lack of improvement and confidence. We’re happy he found us.

Understanding his need for practical results and a depleting budget, we customized an intensive Open Class training package for him. His improvement–and excitement–was substantial and tangible.

Helping put skilled, safe, happy riders on the road is what we do. This makes us happy:

“After passing the MSF course and getting my M1 license, I still did not feel road ready. I also felt I did not have some of the basic mechanics to riding.

Enter Steve and Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training. Steve is an extremely patient teacher and has a passion for riding, which made the learning process exciting and fun. He helped me resolve my downshifting issues, and had me maneuvering with confidence by the end of one lesson!

I was also impressed by Steve’s attention to wearing proper safety equipment. He also made himself available to me by email to answer additional questions after our lesson.

I would highly recommend Class: M1 to anyone looking to improve their motorcycle skills, regardless of your proficiency level.” -Michael W.


New to Los Angeles, Deen naturally envied all the two-wheelers whizzing through traffic in the sunshine–he enrolled in our 1-Day Scooter Class.

Progressively, we got him riding with confidence and prepared for his first scoot. Welcome, Deen.


Boris, a newly licensed rider looking for his first bike, was a perfect candidate for our Transistion Class training.

We facilitated rental and delivery of a Triumph Tiger and a Bonneville to our controlled-range for advanced technical training; and then took it to the streets for applied training and his first ride.

He did great and can look forward to many happy miles ahead. Class: M1 is here to help at every step…from Step 1 to M1 to CA1.

Congratulations, Boris.


Dennis has been wrenching-away on his Franken-bobber in his home garage for over a year and picked up a sweet used Ducati just last week. One problem: He’d never ridden a motorcycle.

At Class: M1, this has become a common story–we’re here to help.

His text message the day after our training says it all:

“…I took the Ducati for a spin around the block a few times…using all the techniques and habits you showed me and no problem! Again, thank you. You have a great gift as an instructor…”

We’ll continue to help get him official and beyond the neighborhood. Congrats, Dennis.


Last time Hollis visited India, she tried the standard mode of transportation–a scooter–and dropped it. She was OK, but too rattled to try again.

This time around, she’s decided to go prepared. Progressively, we helped get her back up with newfound skill and confidence. It was great to hear her excited giggles through the helmet intercom.

With practice, she’ll soon be exploring Mumbai and beyond on two wheels. Happy travels and happy riding, Hollis!


Clara’s situation wasn’t unusual: She’d just taken delivery of a new scooter and had zero riding experience. She contacted Class: M1 for help.

We got her riding with confidence in our Scooter Class. Next, we’ll continue to help get her licensed and on the road.

Congrats on deciding to ride, Clara…and, of course, the new scoot!

“Steve! I can’t thank you enough and I can’t tell you what a game changer you were for me. Here’s a testimonial you can post on your site:

I’d never been on a scooter before but decided to take the leap and get in the game. I considered taking the CHP class but worried that I would not get the 1:1 time that I really needed since my primary goal was to feel confident and safe not just pass the skills test.

I found Steve and Class: M1 online and really appreciated the professionalism and care that he took in describing the training. Steve is an outstanding teacher who packed more patience those mornings than I could ever have imagined. I feel like Steve gave me the training and confidence that would have taken a year to achieve on my own. I know many people who have been riding scooters for some time now and they were shocked and then impressed that I rode as well and as confidently as I did after 2 sessions with Steve.

Steve exceeded my expectations and gave me something far greater than an M1 license, and that’s confidence. If you want to learn how to ride safely, correctly, and confidently, invest in Steve and Class: M1. You’ll be glad you did.” -Clara L.


Following a great day of fundamentals training and M1 skills test prep, we took Elsie out (on her sweet Suzi TU250X) for some Open Class road-training with a stop at the local DMV for skills-test practice. It was a beaut of a day and she did great.

We’ll get her official; continue to bolster her skills and confidence; help find her dream bike–a Triumph Bonneville; and get her ready for her dream ride to Joshua Tree. So much to look forward to! Congrats, Elsie.


Tejon (USAF), after becoming a pilot and jumping out of airplanes into the Pacific, decided it was time to have some real fun and learn to ride a motorcycle.

Before taking the military course on a self-supplied bike, he wanted to get up and riding. He enrolled in our two-hour Intro Class to learn the fundamentals and build a strong foundation to succeed (Doing Things Right).

We got him starting, stopping, shifting and turning in no time–turns out Air Force pilots are pretty coordinated. Soon we’ll help him find a bike and get him on the road.

Congrats, Tejon.


Brenda had her M1 and just purchased her first bike, but didn’t feel ready to take the next steps alone. Class: M1 is here to help.

She enrolled in our new Transistion Class. We bolstered her skills on the closed-range and will soon take it to the street.

A common catch for a new rider seeking intermediate training is how to safely get their bike to us. We solve this issue by including free delivery or travel service in the Transition Class package.

From Step 1 to M1 to CA1!


Ariel took advantage of our recently condensed 1-Day Basic Class M1 course. We now take new riders from Step 1 to M1 in 6 hours!


Joey’s just-delivered 2015 Harley Sportster Iron had 3 miles on the odometer from the dealership. He stared at her for a week, not really knowing where to begin.

This is a common scenario for inexperienced riders fresh from a basic course or returning after a long break. Our new 1-Day Transistion Class is designed to help.

We arranged pick-up and return of his new bike; got him familiar and confident with the bigger machine on our closed-range; and guided him along his first ride on the road–that it happened to be on his first and brand new motorcycle made it all the more juicy.

Congrats, Joey.


Jenna is going to Bali. She wants to see and get around the island like the locals do…on a scooter. She’s never ridden. She leaves in less than two weeks.

Despite the naysayers and her own reservations, she found Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training. Progressively, we transformed her anxiety to pure excitement for the amazing adventure ahead. We look forward to hearing all about it, Jenna.


Krista came to Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training with limited riding experience, and it had been a while since she’d sat on the business-end of a motorcycle. We got her back up with newfound control and confidence.

We’ll continue to bolster her skills and help her transition to her Sportster-in-waiting and the open road. Congrats, Krista.


Danny came to Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training following a false-start in the traditional group course. With bolstered skills and confidence, he will return ready for success. We’ll help him find his first motorcycle and continue with transitional road-training.

Great job, Danny.


Want to ride a scooter? Why spend 17 or more hours in a group class learning to ride on a motorcycle when you can learn on a scooter in a fraction of the time. 1:1 private training utilizing in-helmet communication makes the difference.

Nick is taking advantage our new 4 hour Scooter Class package to go from Step 1 to M1. We’ll have him official soon and even help him find his first scoot. Congratulations, Nick.


Another graduate of the traditional group-course desiring additional training and guidance, we will get Lacy road-ready and help her find her first motorcycle. Exciting!

Great work, Lacy–you’re doing it RIGHT.


Mohammad just bought a brand new HD Sportster 48. He rode for a couple months over fifteen years ago.

Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training is here to help. Day One on the closed-range went great and he’s getting his road legs (and hands) back. We’ll have him on that sweet new Sporty–and the road–soon. Congrats, Mohammad!


“You rock! One the best days ever!”

Thanks, Jenny. You rock! A great start to many superlative days (and miles) ahead…


Although each Class: M1 client’s story is different and our training is highly personalized, Omri came to us with a common need:

He had passed the traditional group class and got his endorsement. NOW WHAT?! He desired help developing his skill and confidence; transitioning to a bigger bike and the road; and finding his first motorcycle.

We specialize in guiding new riders through this crucial transition with training and service custom-tailored to their individual needs.

Next, we’ll begin an inclusive, customized program that will include riding a rented Harley on the closed-range and open-road; and conclude with a dream-ride on his very own dream-bike along the PCH. We’re excited for you, Omri!

Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training: From Step 1 to M1 to CA1.


Tom and his four sons are booked to ride BMWs in Ireland next month. Three of the five have dirt-bike experience and two had never ridden. None has an M1 endorsement.

In one full day, Class: M1 got them all riding and prepared for the DMV test. It was a blast. Next, we’ll provide the cycle and additional training to help get them official, and train them all on a BM’r before the trip.

We’re thrilled to be a part of their adventure.

“I had special training requirements. 5 of us were going on a motorcycle tour of Ireland. Some of us had dirt bike experience, but two of my party were total rookies. None of us had any street experience. I had been calling around to DMV approved programs, but ran into all kinds of problems.

Then I found Class: M1. Steve responded to my inquiry quickly. He developed a 1 day custom program that would meet our needs, and he delivered. The rookies in our party had no problem completing the DMV course by the end of the day.

Steve is a patient and knowledgeable instructor who was able to communicate clearly and effectively. As a result, we are on course to have a once in a lifetime vacation. I would recommend Steve to anyone who wishes to learn how to ride. Thanks again, Steve for your adaptability and great work!” -Thomas M.


Dave got a permit and bought a Harley. He figured it was time to learn how to ride.

Today was a great start and we’ll continue to help get him and that sweet hog on the road. Congrats, Dave.


This is cool. Nathan’s wife surprised him with motorcycle training for his 40th birthday.

He did great and we’ll continue training, get him licensed, help find his first bike, and transition to the road. Happy Birthday indeed, Nathan!


It’s been decades since Scott has been on a motorcycle. He’s ready to get back up and decided to do it right with Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training. Just don’t tell his wife.

Welcome back, Scott.


Cali wants to be the motorcycle-riding mayor of Chatsworth someday. She’s off to a winning start.

Next, we’ll help her find her first bike and transition to the road. Then…lots of baby-kissing.


We helped Dan Learn to ride back at the start of 2013. He’s returned for advanced training to transition to a bigger bike and prepare to ride with a passenger.

Class: M1 2-Up Class training gives our clients essential knowledge and confidence before putting someone special behind them.


“Thank you so much again! I really appreciate it! You are awesome!”

You are welcome, Akash. Congratulations on your M1!


Thanksgiving morning training with Daniel. Indeed.

Clients regularly come to Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training following a traditional group course for continued skill development. What we like to call Doing It Right.

We boosted his proficiency and confidence on the closed-range with his CBR 250, and will continue with road-training. We’ll get him ready for the arrival of his new Moto Guzzi California 1400 and help him transition. What we like to call Hell Yeah!


We took JR out for his first proper ride…on his 1750cc Big Dog custom. It helps that JR is also a big dog, but smooth, controlled inputs and responsible street strategies translate directly to every size and shape of bike.


Another Class: M1 client is official. Congrats and happy riding, Micah.


We got Australian survivalist and stunt woman, Ky Furneaux, on the road for the first time.

“Wow! This is the coolest day ever!” came through the helmet intercom (with Australian accent, of course). And we’re thinking she’s had some pretty cool days.

Congrats, Ky.


Here from Brazil, Renato wanted a scooter to get around Hollywood. Having never ridden, he tried the traditional group course but walked away frustrated.

Class: M1 private training made the difference. We’ll apply his two-hour Intro Class to the full five-hour Scooter Class and get him on Santa Monica Boulevard (We love it!).

Great job, Renato.


Jason decided he needed some stress relief from his career as a veterinary cardiologist. He booked our two hour Intro Class to get up and riding and see if motorcycling is for him.

It is.

We’ll continue training, get him licensed, find a bike, and take it to the road. Relief is on the way, Jason.

“I want to thank you for introducing me to the art of riding. I had an absolutely amazing time and learned a tremendous amount.

The course was informative and professional, and the one on one experience was exactly what I was looking for. I can’t thank Class: M1 enough!” -Jason A.


Sophie’s poor Ninja 250 has been sitting in her garage unridden for the past year since graduating a traditional group riding class. She didn’t know how to move forward after just two days in a parking lot.

Then she found Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training.

She came to us feeling like she’d need to start over, but after two hours she felt more comfortable and confident than ever on two wheels.

We’ll continue training and get her and that poor Ninja on the road!

“Driving in Los Angeles is sometimes very scary, even when you’re protected by 4 walls and are on 4 wheels. So why on earth would you willingly dare to ride a motorcycle on the same LA streets?

Because some of us just want to ride free and there’s no better person in town to help you find the compromise between safe/smart riding and your inner biker than Steve.

If you’re even remotely hesitant about riding in this town (or any town for that matter) you should enroll in a Class: M1 session. If you’re cocky enough to think you don’t need any help, then you should definitely sign up for a class…or three.

What I learned in the one-on-one classes taught by a very patient but motivational teacher made a 100% difference in my ability to ride free of fear and be confident enough to have fun while knowing I can handle the roads as safely as possible.

Cheers to Steve and I can’t wait to see you all out there!” -Sophie H.


Leif graduated a traditional group course and desired 1:1 help moving forward. We honed his skills and confidence on the closed range. Next, we’ll help him transition to the street and find his first bike.

Excited for you, Leif!

Actor Robert Pattinson (Twilight) came to Class: M1 to learn to ride for an upcoming role. And beyond.

We’ll continue training, get him licensed, help find a bike, and take it to the road. Great job, Rob.


Great ride with Jaimie Alexander (Thor) and Peter Facinelli (Twilight) today. Jaimie is ready for her Harley shoot. We’re workshopping names for the MC.


Lauren is a new rider and she’s off to a proper start. We’ll continue with range training; get her M1; help find her dream vintage standard; and move on to the road.

Excited for you, Lauren. Great job.


It’s been awhile since Pete’s basic riding course, and he’s now ready to brush up, get a bike, and hit the road. Class: M1 is here to help him each step of the way.

Congrats, Pete.


First day of intensive training with actress Jaimie Alexander for an upcoming Harley promo shoot. We’ll get her legit.

Lots of laughs as always. Great job, Jaimes.


Another client coming to Class: M1 for private training following difficulty in the traditional group course, Lindsay now has the fundamentals to return with confidence and succeed.

We will help her find her first bike and continue with road training. Her dream is to ride Angeles Crest. We’ll be sure to post pictures of her at Newcomb’s soon enough.


Tenzing is new to LA via London and New York. Naturally, it’s time for a motorcycle.

His first private training session was smashing and he’s well on his way to the PCH. Congrats, Tenzing.


With solid fundamentals, we gave Allan the Deluxe Package:

First time on a Harley; first time on the road; first time on the freeway; first time on Angeles Crest.

It’s a privilege to share these moments with our clients. Congrats, Allan.


Landing his first lead in a feature film, Tyler may have fudged his riding experience a bit–his character spends a lot of screen time astride a (moving, ideally) Ducati Diavel. Today we began his private training with big-ticket firsts on a Harley; in traffic; through the Silver Lake hills; on the freeway; and along Angeles Crest. He did great.

It soon became clear that this was no longer about the movies. Tyler is lifer. Welcome.


Derek took our 4-hour Scooter Class is ready for the DMV skills test and beyond. We’ll get him official and go on to Open Class road training. Congrats, Derek.


Jodi did great in private Scooter Class training. She was concerned with seat height, but we progressively got her confident stabilizing on one flat foot. Oh yeah…and starting, braking and cornering. Next, we take to the streets. Congrats, Jodi.


For Jodi’s birthday, we got her on the road for the first time. Beginning in a quiet neighborhood, she progressively gained confidence and we ventured out to Griffith Park.

Happy birthday indeed.

“After I passed my (traditional group) course I knew I wasn’t ready to go onto the streets quite yet. Steve and I talked about my concerns and I decided to try a scooter.

I had the best time! He is very patient and made sure I felt very comfortable before going out onto the streets.

He’s like a motorcycle therapist!” -Jodi P.


A happy Natia (Dancing With The Stars) on her brand new Sportster. We helped her transition to her dream bike and develop fundamentals. After only a couple hours of private 1:1 training, she declared, “I’ve learned ten times more today than I did in my entire two-day group class.”

Next, we will get her on the road, where she’s sure to be quotable. Congratulations, Natia. Great job!


Jenna is going from Step 1 to M1 with our 8-hour Class M1 New Rider Training. Personalized 1:1 training; constant headset communication; our small, light, supremely manageable training bike; and custom scheduling make the Class: M1 experience the most efficient, effective, and fun way to learn to ride.

Day One went great. We’ll get her official and continue with Open Class Road Training. Congrats, Jenna!


On Day Two, Jenna switched gears of a different variety, and traded the motorcycle for a scooter. After a quick transition, she had newfound confidence and declared, “I was born to ride a scooter!” Scooter it is.

We’ll help get her M1 endorsement regardless, and continue on to the street. Born to ride!


Valerie comes to us following a traditional group class for additional private training. We’re putting the additional in traditional?… definitely the rad.

She left with bolstered skills and confidence. And a smile. Next, we’ll help her find her first bike and get her road ready. Happy for you, Val.


Rick had some experience on small dirt bikes, but it’s been a second…or two. We got him back up and riding with new confidence. We’ll train again, get him licensed, help him find his ride, and move on to the streets.

Another rider doing things right. Great job, Rick.


Emma is an actress. She needs to ride a motorcycle in a movie that begins shooting next week. She’s never ridden before. Until today.

We got her starting, stopping, shifting and turning. She did great and we’ll have her on a Harley in a couple days. No movie-magic here.


Emma is ready for her close-up. We’ll be so proud to watch her ride into the sunset on the big screen.

“You truly are wonderful at what you do!!!!!!!” -Constance T. (Emma’s manager)


Virian completed her four-hour Scooter Class private training today and is ready for the DMV skills test. She’d never ridden before and, despite her doubts, was a total natural. We’ll get her licensed, help her find her dream scoot, and take it to the road.

In between lots of laughing came this through the wireless headset: “You make dreams come true.” Awww.


Virian is official! We took her from Step 1 to M1.


Aline comes to us fresh from her group course for help building on her fundamentals, finding a bike and transitioning to the road. We began on the range and she gained new confidence and control. More to come…

Private 1:1 training is a tremendous asset for new riders moving forward. Aline is doing it right!


Eric passed his DMV skills test with a few tips and a little help from our trusty new scoot. Congrats, Eric!


Between us, Ron had been needing his M1 endorsement for a while. We helped make an honest man of him. Happy riding, Ron!


Another Class: M1 client to seek assistance transitioning to the streets from a basic motorcycle training class, here we have Reza following his premiere ride beyond the parking lot.

We worked on advanced skills on the range and then trained progressively from quiet neighborhood, to light side-street traffic, to the hills of Griffith Park. It was a beaut of a day and he did great.

We’ll get him on a Harley Sportster and further down the road soon. Congrats, Reza.


Chris is official. Congrats!

Working on a pet name for our brand new Yamaha Vino scooter:
DMV Buster
Lolli (DMV skills test is sometimes referred to as The Lollipop, you see…)
Lola (Low, Light, Agile…? C’mon!)
Emma (M’a One’a. I’ll stop.)


Eric is the first client to take advantage of our brand new scoot. This Yamaha Vino 125 came to us with 50 miles on the clock. She is low, light, stable and responsive–perfect for training and acing the DMV skills test. And she ain’t bad to look at.

Congrats on the M1, Eric!


Mary recently got her M1 and scored this killer ’02 XL-883R–two big steps toward becoming a rider. Wisely, she chose not to skip any steps and called Class: M1 for professional, personalized guidance transitioning to the streets.

With new skills and confidence she will continue to practice before our next outing into the mountains. Step by step…

Great approach and great job, Mary.

“I’m a new rider with my own HD 2002 883. My husband and I have gone out together many times practicing street riding, hill climbing (my husband does have the patience of a saint!), however, my riding needed some outside influence.

I was with Steve on a Saturday morning through the streets of Pasadena and down through the Arroyo, a beautiful day. Steve was incredibly helpful in assisting me in looking more at my surroundings and having confidence in my mechanics of riding. Steve’s easy going nature and ability to point out what I could do to be a better rider and make better decisions was fantastic. I did not want our ride to end! In fact, we have tentatively scheduled a ride up the Angeles Crest.

Steve is the best instructor! BEST MOTHER’S DAY EVER!!” -Mary W.


UPDATE: “My graduation ride was AMAZING! With Steve’s (the “truth speaker”) wisdom, guidance and patience, traveling the freeways and canyons of LA was the best day ever! I never thought I would be on PCH on my Harley! A dream come true. Thanks again Steve!” -Mary W.


La Shan is another recent basic rider-course graduate and first-time bike (NOT pictured) owner to smartly come to Class: M1 for personal help transitioning to the streets.

Too bad her battery died just before we left the lot. Still, she did great and we’ll pick-up again soon.


Ramzey’s premier ride following a basic riding course included a Fat Boy; tours of Glendale, Silverlake, and Echo Park; and a stretch on the Glendale Freeway. We focused on slow speed maneuvers; engine braking; gear selection; starting on hills; and, of course, situational awareness.

Not bad for his first 50 miles! Another biker is born.

(He is stopped here in a green “PHOTO-OP ONLY” zone, btw.)


For over a year, Jessie has carried a picture of her dream bike: a BMW S1000RR. On a bit of an impulse, she finally placed her order for a limited-edition in baby blue. Congrats, Jessie!

Wisely, she came to Class: M1 with a very generous (and trusting!) friend’s RR to begin preparing for the new arrival. The machine is a beast: it wants to go and stop FAST, and responds instantly to the slightest input. She left with greatly increased control and confidence and will return soon for road training.

I’m sure we’ll be receiving an action photo of her and Baby Blue on The Snake before long…

” I learned to ride motorcycles 4 years ago. It’s one thing knowing to ride and another to be great at it. I took classes with Class: M1 because it’s one on one, very personal and you can confess your fears to them! There’s no shame in wanting to be better at what you do. I came to my instructor with lots of issues, but most of all very little confidence on my turns. After my first training session, I rode my motorcycle home with a smile, knowing that I took what I came for.

Knowledge is priceless…especially when your life is on the line. I highly recommend Class: M1. They’ll understand your needs and make you better at your passion for motorcycling.” -Jessie F.


After graduating a weekend riding course, Jon contacted us for additional help and training. We consulted on the purchase of his first bike and transitioned him to the street…and freeway!

Many safe, happy miles ahead, Jon.


It’s been a few months since Chacha took her new rider course and was in the saddle. Today we began refreshing her skills and preparing for road training. Time to ride.


Actor Alexis Denisof has been riding on a permit for awhile and came to us to help him get official. We got started on the scooter and within an hour he was acing the skills test on his sweet Bonneville.


The California DMV M1 Skills Test has an 80% fail rate.

Class: M1 clientele have a near 100% pass rate. Congrats, Peter!

“I just want to write a quick thank you letter to tell you how much I appreciate your help and guidance throughout my motorcycle course I did with you… I just can’t believe how quickly you managed to get me up to high standards of riding and I never thought I’d ever pass DMV riding test without failing….

Having come to you and experiencing your teaching skills and methods first hand I also will be highly recommending you to anyone thinking of going for motorcycle training of any kind.

I would like to thank you for such an excellent experience I’ve went through into learning how to ride a motorcycle. I’ve become more confident and proficient in this, and feel much safer. You are awesome and very respectful…” -Peter G.


Baris recently earned his M1 and was ready for the next step. We helped him transition to a bigger bike and the road on a rented Sportster. He did great and even got on the freeway for the first time.

Next up: a bigger bike and a bigger ride. As for that V-Rod he’s dreaming about…step by step.


Louise rode a motorcycle for the first time with our 2-hour Intro Class. She loved it and will apply the time toward our Class M1 new-rider training to get her license. Welcome, Louise.


New Year’s Day and the first client of 2014. We look forward to the privilege and pleasure of training many more safe, happy riders this year.

Sharleen did great and will go back to her traditional group class with confidence. We’ll help her find a bike and get road-ready before she returns to school. Happy New Year!


Anita had her M1 but had only ridden small bikes, and it had been awhile. She wisely sought help getting comfortable on her new Sportster and re-gaining confidence on the road. She did great and we’ll continue with more road-training. Congrats, Anita.


Actress Jaimie Alexander is a long-time client and friend. We got her on the street again after some time away from riding. Here she is afterwards doing a happy dance.


Erik had graduated a basic riding course and came to us to help him gain confidence on his sweet new Triumph Bonnie and transition to the streets.

We spent a couple hours on the range and a couple on the road. He did great and even had his first freeway ride. It was a beauty of a day. Happy riding, Erik!

“Steve is an incredibly patient and caring educator. It’s clear that he’s excited about teaching people to become better riders and that he truly wants his students to succeed.

During my private training he did a great job of listening to the concerns I was having about my riding and tailoring the time to my personal needs. The range time was extremely valuable to me in working on the slow speed maneuvers that have been giving me trouble, and during the road time I felt completely at ease having Steve ahead of me, even as we turned onto the freeway for my first time!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Class: M1 to any rider looking to improve his or her skills beyond what can be covered in the MSF courses, and I hope to book another day myself in the future.” -Erik R


Yet another client turning to Class: M1 after a difficult experience with the traditional basic riding course. She was terrific and will continue with private training. Great work, Zora.


We delivered Charlie’s new Harley Iron to him in Marina Del Rey and helped him get comfortable on it. He graciously reciprocated with a ride on his racing sailboat. Not a bad day.

Next, we’ll do some road-training…and take the 40′ catamaran out for a sail. Thanks, Charlie. And congratulations.


Linda has had the motorcycle bug for a few years. She had only ever sat on one (not running), has never driven a manual car, and was feeling quite tentative when she showed up for her first training class.

With patient, systematic and steady progress, we got her riding–a virtue of private instruction. She left excited for the next steps forward. Great job, Linda.


Another rider on the road with the help of our DMV concierge service. Congrats, Alex.


Since she was a little girl in England, Sarah has dreamed of riding a motorcycle. Life happened. Then TODAY happened. We love helping people live their dreams.


Ryan’s first crack at the DMV motorcycle skills test on his buddy’s Sportster was unsuccessful. With our manageable scoot and a few pointers, we helped get him official. He’s clearly pretty happy about that. Congrats!


“…my Dad always rode motorcycles and I want to follow in his footsteps,” wrote Antonia in her initial email to us.

Today she followed the first steps. She’ll continue training and soon blaze a trail of her own.


Maureen got her M1 a year ago, and her first motorcycle (sweet sporty!) in spring. After a couple fresh dings in the tank, she found Class: M1 for additional 1:1 training.

We worked on smoothing-out her fundamentals and improving low-speed control. She rode home with new confidence and will continue with more range and road training. No more dings.


Dennis was the first Class: M1 client to train on our new bike. They both did great.

He is prepared for a triumphant return to his traditional basic riding class; she is just warming up…


The new trainer debuts over a glorious fall weekend. What a champ!

She is light; supremely manageable; and with 600 miles on the clock, like new–ready to train many safe, happy riders to come.


Here we have Aavi looking b-a-d at her second Class: M1 private training session. She recently completed a traditional riding course and desired additional help before moving forward on her own. Next we’ll get her on the street.


New to Los Angeles from Wisconsin, Tucker decided it was time to trade the snow chains for a scooter.

He’d never been on a motorized cycle before, and after a few hours of private training he’s now ready for the DMV. Soon we’ll help him find a scoot and transition to the street.