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Class: M1 is…
…a premium private, highly personalized and comprehensive rider service.

We work primarily with one client at a time to maximize attention; optimize individual learning styles; accommodate busy schedules; and provide the most effective, efficient, and exceptional experience possible.

1:1 training and in-helmet communication make the difference!


Class M1
Our new-rider training. This 5-hour package prepares new and limited-experience riders for a California Class M1 motorcycle endorsement (minimum age of 21 to obtain license).

  • 5 hours: Private Training (closed-range)
  • DMV Skills Test concierge service optional

Our training motorcycle or scooter(!) is provided for the DMV skills test or you may use your own.

Scooter Class
Our “motor-driven cycle” training. This 3-hour package prepares new and limited-experience street-scooter riders for the now required California Class M1 motorcycle endorsement (minimum age of 21 to obtain license).

  • 3 hours: Private Training (closed-range)
  • DMV Skills Test concierge service optional

Our training scooter is provided for the DMV skills test or you may use your own.

Plus-One Training
We believe strongly in the virtues of 1:1 training. Notably, it gives us the flexibility to personalize our approach and customize our service to best accommodate our clients.

Because we get regular requests to train 2 or more people together, we’ve fine-tuned a solution for training multiple riders while maintaining the benefits of our 1:1 model. While we have and can arrange for larger groups, our plus-one packages are most common. Utilizing 3-way intercom communication, we can efficiently and effectively provide this option as a 1-Day Basic Course.

Class M1 Plus One

  • 8 hours: Private Training (closed-range)
  • DMV Skills Test concierge service for 2 consecutive appointments optional

Scooter Class Plus One

  • 5 hours: Private Training (closed-range)
  • DMV Skills Test concierge service for 2 consecutive appointments optional

Transition Class
OK! You’ve learned the basics and just bought your first bike (or maybe just starting the search). Or, you’re a returning rider and feeling a little rusty. Perhaps you’ve just traded-in your Triumph Bonneville for a Ducati Panigale!

This 5-hour highly personalized, mixed range/road training package will help transition you to a bigger bike and the road ahead with optional on-street training.

Transition training is an effective companion to our 1-Day Basic Course, and important next step forward.

  • 5 hours: Private training (closed-range; open-road optional)

We understand that riding to our location is not always a safe option for inexperienced riders. Use our small or mid-size bikes (range only), or we’ll help arrange pick-up and return of your motorcycle/scooter. We can also facilitate motorcycle rental and delivery.

Transition Intro Class
Our comprehensive Transition Class package is designed to transition a fresh rider to a bigger bike and the street. The abbreviated 3-hour Transition Intro Class is conducted on our training motorcycle/scooter or yours; and is focused primarily on adjusting to the more powerful, sensitive inputs and heavier weight of a larger machine.

  • 3 hours: Private training (closed-range)

Class: M1 is pleased to offer quality, custom-edited video as part of Transition Class training. Most of the time your instructor takes the lead, but we’ve found it very beneficial for our clients to observe their lines, position, inputs, posture, etc. from behind. A condensed example:

Open Class
Our continuing rider training. What skills do you need to develop or sharpen?

Class M1 (or other basic rider program) graduates often desire guidance transitioning from training-range to real-life riding. With time, this process can evolve from quiet neighborhood streets to more adventurous excursions.

More experienced riders can benefit from individualized M1 endorsement preparation; advanced skill development on the training range; and applied-riding guidance along some of Southern California’s most glorious motorcycling roads.

Open Class training is available hourly.

Intro Class
Bike-curious? Our 3-hour introduction to motorcycle or scooter riding is the perfect start. New riders will get up on two wheels and introduced to the fundamentals. This is a hands(and feet!)-on primer.

Intro Class hours can be applied toward our comprehensive new-rider class. Dip a toe. The water is fine!

Ideal for gifting.

2-Up Class
Class: M1 2-Up training gives our clients essential knowledge and confidence before putting someone special behind them.

For riders with some experience (1k miles minimum), we cover fundamental techniques and considerations when carrying a passenger. This unique training utilizes weight-loading to simulate the effects of a passenger on motorcycle handling.

  • 3 hours: Private Training (closed-range)

2-Up training can also be combined with Open Class road-training.

Constant Contact
A signature of Class: M1 training is the use of helmet intercom communication between instructor and client. We have found this to be a hugely beneficial tool in the process. Instructors have the ability to provide real-time direction and coaching. Clients tell us that this “lifeline” provides essential feedback, helping them feel assured, relaxed, and confident.

We wouldn’t train without it. Neither should you.

The Instructor
Your training will be facilitated by an experienced, certified motorcycle instructor.

Calm, patient, systematic instruction is our standard. Your success and safety are our priority; your enthusiastic satisfaction our goal. Big, joyous smiles are guaranteed.

The Motorcycle

  • Our motorcycle: We’ve thoughtfully selected a brand-new, small, friendly 150cc model with a neutral riding position that is ideally manageable and maneuverable; and a bigger 650cc standard model for Transition Class training.
  • Our scooter: We also have an easy-to-handle Vespa-style 125cc scooter available for both training and the DMV skills test.
  • Your own motorcycle: Applied training for more experienced riders can be on a client’s personal bike. Within certain parameters, personal bikes can also be used for new-rider training.

Give A Dream
Forget the tie. Eighty-six the blender. Give a dream.

Gift packages are available, welcomed, and encouraged. We will work with you to make your gift of motorcycle-training as special as it ought to be.

Please contact us for consultation and rates.


What Can Class: M1 Do For You?
What do you need? Our rider concierge services include:

  • DMV Concierge: Our DMV Concierge service includes delivery of a small, friendly, manageable 150cc motorcycle or 125cc scooter (M1 permissible); practice and coaching on site; and personal guidance and support throughout your visit.

    The FAIL rate for the DMV Motorcycle Skills Test is 80(eighty!)%. Our clients have a PASS rate above 90%. Right bike, right technique.

    DMV Slayer

    • Delivery
    • 1 hour: Guided Practice (on-site)
    • Discounted Re-Test

    DMV Buster

    • Delivery
    • 30 minutes: Guided Practice (on-site)

    We make the DMV suck less for your success.” ™

  • Personal Shopper: Help selecting and fitting proper riding gear before you get on a motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle Consultation: Help selecting and finding the perfect motorcycle to match your skill, needs and style.
  • Motorcycle Delivery: You’ve found the perfect motorcycle. Now let’s get it home!

What else do you need? Ask us. We’ll answer.

Please contact us for consultation and rates.


Minimum age of 18 (21 to obtain Class M1 license) and ability to ride a bicycle for Class M1 New Rider Training.

Current driver license or permit; M1 endorsement for Open Class road-training.

Riding gear:

  • Proper fitting DOT helmet (3/4 or full-face)*
  • Eye protection (glasses, sunglasses, goggles, or shield)
  • Long, durable denim jeans or equivalent
  • Long-sleeve shirt or jacket (riding jacket for road-training)
  • Sturdy over-the-ankle boots with rubber soles
  • Full-fingered gloves

*While we can provide a helmet for training, most of our clients prefer to have their own as it is a uniquely personal piece of gear and they’ll need it anyway. We are happy to consult on gear purchases.