What is the primary advantage of Class: M1 private 1:1 training?
Our private 1:1 training model offers a very different experience over the common state-run group courses. It’s much more efficient, effective, relaxed and, most importantly, safe. Our 1-day basic course covers the same fundamental skills as any comprehensive new-rider course, but we’re able to move at a client’s own pace and focus on their individual needs. We use helmet intercoms, providing enhanced confidence and immediate feedback.

Why Class: M1?
Class: M1 has helped put thousands of safe, happy riders on the road since 2012. The proprietary curriculum is developed by Steve Krugman, a seasoned expert in the field of rider instruction and author of The Craft and Art of Motorcycling (Quarto/Motorbooks). Our training bikes are carefully selected, purchased brand new and rigorously maintained. We use our exclusive, controlled, private training locations. We are certified, licensed, and insured.

Which course is best for me? How do I book training?
Because our private training is personalized and flexible, it’s always best to talk first so we may more fully understand your needs and offer you detailed information/options. Call us at (855) 616-1611 or email info@classm1.com. Following consult, we’ll send a detailed scheduling email with deposit/payment information and additional specifics.

How long is the course?
Most of our courses are designed to be completed in one day. Of course, not everyone learns at the same pace and, occasionally, additional training may be required. Please find course specifics here.

Where is the training location?
Class: M1 provides a large, controlled, secured, safe, private training-range for our clients. (No public lots!) Our exclusive facility in North Hollywood is open 7-days a week. Additional locations coming soon!

Does Class: M1 Training offer the DL389 waiver for the DMV skills test?
Only the state-run multi-day group classes offer the DL389 waiver in coordination with the CA DMV. The state course is not necessary to get licensed if you’re 21 or older. Class: M1 is a private alternative to the state course. We prepare clients for the DMV skills test and can provide a DMV concierge service to attain the M1 endorsement.

Isn’t it easier to get the waiver through the state course than to take the DMV skills test?
Not really. The multi-day state group course administers a written and comprehensive riding test. Both must be passed to earn the DL389 waiver. Alternatively the DMV skills test takes all of two-minutes to complete. With the right technique and the right bike, the DMV skills test is the simplest path to the M1 endorsement, and our clients enjoy an above 90% pass rate.

I’m brand new to motorcycling/scootering—I’ve never even sat on one! Is this the right place for me?
Yes! Congratulations on deciding to ride! The only prerequisite is the ability to ride a bicycle.

Do I need my own gear/bike? What is provided?
We provide everything you’ll need to learn safely and effectively, including a small, friendly training motorcycle/scooter; motorcycle-specific gear; and a private, controlled training range. Find more gear requirements here. Clients are welcome to bring their own gear and even motorcycle/scooter within certain parameters.

Do I need the M1 endorsement to ride a scooter?
Yes. California code now requires the M1 endorsement for all “motor-driven cycles”. Our only-of-its-kind Scooter Class training will prepare you for the DMV and the streets.

I’m not sure I’m ready to take a comprehensive course and get licensed. Is there a way I can just “dip a toe” to see if riding is for me?
Our 3-hour Intro Class is for you! This training can be applied toward completion of the Class M1 Basic Course.

I already have some riding experience, but am seeking help moving to a bigger bike and the street, or simply bolstering my skills. Can you help?
Absolutely. Our Transition and Open Class training is designed to help more experienced or returning riders. Our private training can be highly personalized to fit any rider’s needs.

I’d like to learn with my partner, friend, family member, etc. Do you offer private training for more than one person at a time?
Indeed. With our Plus One packages, we’ve fine-tuned a solution for training multiple riders while maintaining the benefits of our 1:1 model. This option is ideal for those wanting to share the experience, and is always a good time!

Is there an age minimum? What do I need to bring?
Please see requirements. We also recommend bringing along plenty of water, energy bar, sunblock, other comfort items, etc.

As a new rider, gear and bike options are overwhelming! Can you help consult on what gear I should buy and a proper first bike?
We’re always happy to help our clients select and find the perfect motorcycle/riding-gear to match skill, needs and style. Phone/Zoom consultation is also available.

What is The Craft and Art of Motorcycling, and how do I get it?
Why, thanks for asking! The Craft and Art of Motorcycling: From First Ride to the Road Ahead is an accessible and comprehensive motorcycle method written by the founder of Class: M1, Steve Krugman. It’s the perfect companion to all of our (or any!) motorcycle and scooter training. Indeed, a complimentary copy is now included with all our courses! Learn more here. Available at most booksellers, including Amazon.

Do you offer gift certificates?
We sure do. Gift packages are available, welcomed, and encouraged. We will work with you to make your gift of motorcycle training as special as it ought to be.

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