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THE CRAFT AND ART OF MOTORCYCLING: From First Ride to the Road Ahead by Steve Krugman, founder of Class: M1, AVAILABLE NOW! (Quarto/Motorbooks). ~Complimentary copy now included with all courses!~ (New clients only)
Do You Dream of Riding a Motorcycle?

The Craft and Art of Motorcycling will help make your dream a reality—from first ride to the road ahead.

Hollywood’s go-to moto guru, Steve Krugman, has trained thousands of riders including high-profile actors, musicians, and athletes. The Craft and Art of Motorcycling is based on his years of experience developing unique, effective, and proven riding methods.

In clear, relaxed language, Krugman offers complete understanding of the bike itself and riding fundamentals (the Craft), with concepts, strategies and insights that lead to mastery on the road (the Art).

Key topics include:
  • Motorcycle controls and operation
  • Fundamental skills—starting, stopping, shifting, and turning
  • Real-world cornering technique
  • Low-speed control and emergency maneuvers
  • Street- and road-riding strategies
  • Managing riding conditions and the elements
  • Selecting gear and buying your first bike
The Craft and Art of Motorcycling is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to motorcycle and scooter riding—simply explained and beautifully illustrated throughout—and provides an essential foundation for any rider, whether an aspiring novice, rusty returnee, or weathered road-veteran.

“The Craft and Art of Motorcycling is the closest thing to a 1:1 session with the man himself (plus more) and will help power you forward toward safe and joyful riding adventures of your own.”



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