Dream of Riding a Motorcycle?

Can you feel the warm California coast sun on your neck, smell the sweet, salty air through your helmet, see the boundless horizon barreling toward you, hear the deep rumble of your motorcycle between you and the open road? Can you almost taste it?

Wake up! It’s time to live it.

Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training

Class: M1 Private Motorcycle Training is here to help make your dream come true. We get that this is a big deal, and are excited to be a part of the journey.

Never been on the business end of a motorcycle? Need some guidance and support transitioning from parking lot to traffic? Could you use a hand selecting and purchasing a first bike? Perhaps you’re an experienced rider wanting to brush-up or simply improve your skills.

Or maybe it’s a cool scooter to breeze through town you’re after?

Class: M1 is along for the ride.

The Class: M1 Advantage

Private 1:1

Our premium private 1:1 model is the most effective, efficient and safe training available. We are able to personalize our approach to best suit our clients’ needs and learning styles. Helmet intercoms offer instant feedback and critical support.


Our training is based on proprietary curriculum developed by the author of The Craft and Art of Motorcycling. Our instructors are highly credentialed and qualified, representing the finest in the field of motorcycle education.


We’ve been serving the Los Angeles, CA area since 2012. Our clients include many high-profile actors, musicians, athletes and industry executives. Of course, all our clientele get celebrity treatment!


We’re the first and only fully certified, licensed and insured comprehensive private 1:1 motorcycle school in California. We provide exclusive, private training ranges, new, exquisitely maintained bikes, and moto gear from our partners at Biltwell. 


The Craft and Art of Motorcycling: From First Ride to the Road Ahead by Steve Krugman, founder of Class: M1, AVAILABLE NOW! (Quarto/Motorbooks).

“The Craft and Art of Motorcycling is the closest thing to a 1:1 session with the man himself (plus more) and will help power you forward toward safe and joyful riding adventures of your own.”

~Complimentary copy now included with all courses!~ (New clients only)

Our Services

1-Day Basic Courses


Our highly personalized Open Class continuing rider training includes advanced skill development, applied-riding guidance, tours and more. The open road’s the limit!


Gift packages are available, welcomed, and encouraged. We will work with you to make your gift of motorcycle training as special as it ought to be.


We offer DMV skills test concierge service, motorcycle/gear consultations, and can facilitate rentals and pro delivery. What else do you need? Just ask us!



The Craft and Art of Motorcycling Release!

The Craft and Art of Motorcycling: From First Ride to the Road Ahead Today, June 20, 2023, marks the official release date of my new book, The Craft and Art of Motorcycling! It’s a journey that began over a decade ago, with the inception of Class: M1. A fully-conceived motorcycle method book was always part of the vision, if nothing more than a companion to training. It remained little more than an idea until 2020. After thousands of clients and many years of developing and implementing a unique motorcycle-training philosophy and curriculum, the need for a comprehensive, accessible method book

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